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Fatal Albany, Georgia Accident Results in Multiple Deaths

In August, a fatal three-car wreck occurred at Madison Street and Gaines Avenue in Albany, Georgia, leaving two people dead and five others injured. The accident occurred when one of the deceased attempted to pass another vehicle and side-swiped it before crashing head-on with a different driver. According to WALB News Albany, every person involved was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident — especially one that is not your fault — you are almost always entitled to some form of compensation. How much you receive, however, depends on several factors. One of these factors pertains to how effective your treatment is, which means it is important for you to finish any treatment before seeking compensation. Dozier Law firm, a team of experts in helping clients affected by motor vehicle accidents obtain compensation, explains. “It is important to get a complete…

Fatal Car Crash in Savannah Leads to Questions; Could Witnesses Help?

On October 12, 2020, a 65-year-old man was killed when a woman who tried to turn left on MLK Jr. Boulevard in Savannah, Georgia entered his path. The man could not avoid her, and the two vehicles collided, resulting in a car crash that brought on his death. The man received care from EMTs on-site, and he was transported to the hospital, where he later passed. Seeing how this accident occurred at a major intersection, there would have been witnesses. These witnesses would be essential in answering the police’s questions and determining the at-fault party, which makes their statements crucial. Dozier Law Firm, a team comprised of experts in dealing with these kinds of cases, explains: "Be aware of any witnesses to the accident that may have important information. Make sure you write down their contact information and any information they may have regarding the circumstances of the accident. If…

Drowsy Driving Causes Car Wrecks That Kill 1,550 Each Year

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries follow drowsy driving crashes nationwide each year, including Georgia. The National Sleep Foundation reports that the most likely age group to cause drowsy driving car wrecks are drivers from 18 through 29 years old. The recommended number of sleeping hours per night is seven to nine, which makes parents with children more vulnerable. Drivers are advised to stay engaged by chatting with passengers and selecting lively music to which they can sing along, instead of soothing tunes that could cause drowsiness. However, too much focus on conversations and music could be distracting. Some drivers listen to audiobooks to keep them alert -- a great help when driving alone, and rolling down the window might also prevent drowsiness. Traveling long distances is best done in pairs while taking turns to drive. Lone drivers are advised to pull over where…

Fatal Car Accident Claims Life of Georgia Man

There are numerous distractions for a driver while on the road. While the most obvious these days is cellphone usage, passengers, roadside commotion, or even the driver's own thoughts can take focus away from the road. That loss of concentration on driving can lead to a fatal car accident or one with varying degrees of injury. A 33-year-old man from Hall County was recently killed in a mid-morning fatal car accident. The man was headed west in his Ford Focus when a Dodge Ram pickup traveling east crossed over the center lane. The two vehicles collided head-on. When Georgia State Patrol troopers arrived on the scene, they found the driver of the Ford had died from blunt force trauma caused by the impact. The pickup truck had rolled over and landed upside down. The driver was injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The state's specialized reconstruction team…

Child Injured in Multi-Vehicle Car Accident

With overly aggressive drivers, drivers who have been drinking, and drivers who are distracted -- whether by cell phones or other factors -- people are injured in wrecks every day. While the use of a seat belt is a legal requirement, it may not always be enough to escape severe injury in a car accident. After a recent car accident, a 5-year-old child has been admitted into a Georgia hospital, with his condition listed as critical. Police reports state a driver approached an intersection and hit a car that was stopped for a red light, causing that car to hit another vehicle. The driver kept going through the intersection, hitting yet another vehicle. The injured child was not responsive when found, and witnesses to the collisions were able to start CPR before an ambulance reached the scene. The driver responsible for the collisions left her vehicle and began running in…

Lawsuit Filed in Alleged Reckless Driving Crash

School buses are an invaluable mode of transportation for parents who, for any reason, are not able to ferry their children to and from school each day. One group of Georgia parents have filed a lawsuit after seven children were injured in a crash allegedly caused by reckless driving. The bus' video recording system showed the driver possibly displayed reckless driving tendencies in a timeline of events just before the crash. According to the video timeline, the bus driver hit a mailbox, swerved into the oncoming traffic lane, and increased his speed, all while driving with one hand, holding a cup between his legs, and not wearing his seat belt -- all in the span of 11 minutes. The video cuts off before the actual crash but does show that, because the driver was not wearing his seat belt, he slid off the seat and was not able to control the…

Were You Injured by a Driver Speeding Through a Stop Sign?

Let us say that you were at an intersection with a four-way stop. It was your turn to proceed when, out of nowhere, a pickup truck sped through the stop sign and smashed into your car. Your airbags deployed, but you still suffered serious injuries. You are facing a long recovery and weeks of rehabilitation. Why did this have to happen? Dangers Speeding endangers the perpetrator of this activity as well as other nearby motorists. According to statistics gathered by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, speeding has been a major cause of roadway fatalities in our country for more than 20 years, a contributing factor in about a third of those deaths. Motivations Many drivers who are going faster than they should are simply running late. Most working people, especially, have busy schedules and try to cram too much into their 10- or 12-hour day. They jump in the car…

When Should I See My Doctor After a Car Accident?

It may not seem too bad compared to a serious auto collision, but a minor crash is stressful. After a fender-bender, you need to spend several days dealing with the other driver, your insurance company, and repair shops. The last thing you and other Georgia residents may be thinking of after a small crash is getting checked out by a doctor. However, the week following an accident is the exact time frame you should be paying attention to how your body feels. You might have walked away from the fender-bender without a scratch, but you could be feeling sore as early as the next day. Whiplash is a common injury suffered by countless people after minor collisions, especially rear-end crashes. This type of injury occurs when your head has been thrown back and forth by the impact. Often, you will not feel the effects of whiplash immediately, but you will begin to…

Defining Aggressive Driving and Avoiding It

With all of the hundreds of thousands of drivers in Georgia, there are bound to be ones who weave in and out of traffic, ignore the speed limit, and purposefully cut other drivers off. All of these behaviors have one thing in common; they are considered aggressive driving and have many repercussions including fines and revocation of licensure depending on the driver’s age and state of residence. In serious circumstances, aggressive driving can result in accidents that injure or even kill the people involved. When a person understands aggressive driving and its consequences, careful actions can be taken to avoid driving dangerously. The Governors Highway Safety Association explicitly defines aggressive driving in Georgia as such actions including:          Disregarding traffic laws          Disrupting traffic flow          Tailgating          Reckless driving          Carelessly passing another vehicle While some drivers may succumb to their anger and participate in aggressive driving and road rage, there…

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