Month: October 2021

Georgia Car Accident Claim Process

If you are involved in a Georgia car accident claim, this article will help you understand what to expect. There are three phases to your claim, evidence gathering, negotiation, and a potential lawsuit. The process can take some time. Although everyone works efficiently to resolve your claim as soon as possible, it is necessary to be thorough at each phase of the process to ensure that your interests are fully protected, and your monetary compensation maximized. Georgia has seen a disturbing increase in car accident fatalities in recent years. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) reports 1,588 fatal car crashes on Georgia roads in 2020. This represents the single deadliest year since 2007. There were 331,797 Georgia car accidents in total in 2020. This represents a decrease from the previous year. GDOT maintains that the best way to avoid accidents and catastrophic injuries is to follow three basic rules. First,…

Georgia Uber, Lyft Accident Lawyers

You could be hurt by an Uber or Lyft rideshare driver in any number of ways. You might be a passenger in a rideshare at the time of the accident. Or you might be in another car involved in the accident. You could be a pedestrian or cyclist struck by the driver. Here’s more about what this means for purposes of your ability to file a claim or otherwise recover compensation in a lawsuit over your injuries. Why It’s Hard to Sue Rideshare Companies Under normal circumstances, if you are injured in an accident that is the fault of another driver who was working at the time, you can sue his employer. The law treats an employer as liable for negligence that occurs when the driver is within the scope of his employment. That is to say, the driver can make his employer liable if he was doing what he…

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

A motorcycle is considered a motor vehicle under Georgia law. That means that the basic rules for suing over a motorcycle accident and a car accident are technically the same. A motorcycle is a different kind of motor vehicle, so if you were injured in a motorcycle accident, there might be a few ways in which your accident was different from a typical car accident. Let's take a closer look at motorcycle accident lawsuits in Georgia and what you should do if you or your loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Proving Liability Proving liability in a motorcycle accident case is similar to doing so in an automobile accident case. You need to prove that the driver acted negligently and thereby caused the accident. That often involves establishing that the other driver failed to obey some rule of the road. For example, they drove too fast…

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