Month: July 2018

Car Accident Results in 2 Deaths and the Injury of a Baby

It's tragic when anyone is killed or seriously injured in a car crash, particularly if the victim is a small child. These crashes might happen for a number of different reasons. Drivers may be distracted, trying to avoid another hazard, or simply taking a turn too wide or too close to another vehicle. Earlier this month Georgia authorities responded to a car accident that resulted in the deaths of two adults and the serious injury of a baby. The crash occurred at about 8:20 a.m. The two vehicles, a sedan and a truck, were traveling north and south respectively when witnesses say the sedan cross over the middle line. The two vehicles collided head-on, causing significant damage to the front of both vehicles. Both drivers suffered fatal injuries in the crash. The driver of the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene and the 10-month-old baby traveling with her suffered serious…

Motorcycle Accident Results in the Death of Local Athlete

Communities across the country rally around local athletes. People will follow their careers from high school through college and into the professional leagues if they are able to make it that far. Therefore, when these promising young athletes' lives are cut short, it may be the entire community that mourns their passing rather than just close friends and family. A community in Georgia is currently mourning the death of a local star who was killed in a motorcycle accident. The young man who was killed was a recent high school graduate and former star athlete. He had played for both his high school football and basketball teams. It was revealed that he had even received multiple football scholarship offers from colleges. He had been riding his motorcycle on the afternoon of Saturday, July 14, when he was struck by a car. When authorities arrived, they pronounced the young man dead at the…

What to do When There is a Pedestrian Accident

As a pedestrian, you have to remain vigilant for vehicles on the road, even when you are crossing the street legally and you have the right-of-way. Take the recent case of an elderly man from Macon. He was badly injured after being struck by a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk. Do you know what to do if you are hit by a car, or if you witness a pedestrian accident? Find safety and attend to the victim If you or a family member or companion are clipped by a car, find a safe place out of the street to wait for the ambulance. Ideally, you should not move a person who has been hit by a vehicle, especially if they have been knocked down or thrown into the air. You could make their injuries worse, namely bone fractures or trauma to the neck or back. But if there…

Six Injured in Drunk Driving Accident

For many people throughout the country, the weekend is a time to let loose and relax. Others, however, may have a tendency to over-indulge with alcohol during the weekends, which may have dangerous results if they then choose to drive. Georgia authorities responded to reports of a drunk driving accident involving two cars, and, surprisingly, a house. Sometime after midnight on July 7, an SUV ran a stop sign and collided with another vehicle carrying five passengers. The SUV then ran over a telephone pole and proceeded to drive through several people's front yards. After leaving the scene of the first crash, the inebriated driver also crashed into a second vehicle and a house before coming to a stop. After arresting the individual, Georgia State Patrol officers revealed that the driver's initial blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. A total of six people were sent to the hospital with injuries, including the five…

New Law Attempts to Reduce Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

Drivers across Georgia have likely heard about the new Hands-Free Georgia Act, which goes into effect beginning July first. Other states have implemented similar laws and have seen a 16 percent drop in fatal accidents caused by distracted driving. It is hoped that this new law will have a similar effect in Georgia. This new law prohibits the use of cell phones and other mobile devices while on a roadway. In addition to forbidding people from texting while driving, this law states that drivers are not allowed to be holding their phone in their hands or touching their phone with any other part of their body while driving. It also prohibits all cell phone usage for teenage drivers and forbids all drivers from recording video, with the exception of continuously running dashboard cameras, or watching videos not related to navigation. However, there are some exceptions to this new law. Drivers are…

Truck Accident Involving Multiple Tractor-Trailers Kills One

Driving among multiple tractor-trailers can be daunting for many drivers. If a truck driver makes even a small mistake, the results could be disastrous. Georgia State Patrol responded to a truck accident last week involving multiple tractor-trailers and a much smaller passenger vehicle. The crash resulted in several injuries as well as the death of one of the drivers. The crash occurred on June 20 on Interstate 285 northbound and involved four semi-trucks in addition to one car. One of the tractor-trailers struck three other large tractor-trailers as well as the rear of the small car. This chain reaction collision also forced the car to be pushed underneath one of the semi-trucks. This crash caused the two far-right lanes and an exit ramp to be blocked for approximately six hours. Five people were injured in the crash and were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the driver of the car…

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