Month: October 2019

Car Accident Takes Life of College Student

The careless behavior of some drivers can end up costing them and others a lifetime of suffering. By not keeping the focus on the road ahead of them, some drivers risk causing a car accident with a death or causing one with critical injuries to themselves and others. A student attending the University of Georgia was killed in a car accident when another driver was negligent in following the rules of the road set for the safety of all. The 51-year-old driver of a rented sedan was in the northbound lane when he came to a curve in the road. Police say he was driving too fast for conditions when he left his lane of traffic and crossed over the raised median to oncoming traffic headed south. He collided head-on with the car driven by the 20-year-old college junior. The student was killed and a passenger in his car was injured and…

Charges Expected After Death in Car Accident

Although acts of nature can be blamed for some problems on the road, sometimes drivers help things along. Driving at certain times of the day can be hazardous in itself, and when drivers ignore the present dangers, a car accident is imminent. A woman was killed on a Georgia interstate after an early morning car accident. A state patrol report states that the driver of a compact vehicle was driving east at approximately 8:00 a.m. He gradually put on the brakes, as the rising sun was in his eyes and he did not have a clear view of the road. A pickup truck was riding behind the sedan and was not able to avoid colliding with it as it slowed. Both drivers and their passengers were sent to area hospitals with injuries from the crash. One of the back-seat passengers in the sedan died from her injuries not long after her…

Woman Faces Charges in Car Accident

In cities all over the country, there are multiple vehicular crashes every day. The resulting damage from a car accident can range from light scratches on the cars involved to death of a driver, passenger or pedestrian. A 29-year-old Georgia woman has been arrested after causing a car accident with injuries. Two friends were in the Ford SUV with the woman when she crashed into a Honda minivan. She chose to flee the scene of the early evening accident, even though a 38-year-old male in the minivan was injured. He was taken to a local hospital, where she remains in stable condition. A report on the accident states there were no other injuries. When the woman drove away from the scene, a third vehicle followed her and alerted police as to her whereabouts. When police arrived, they not only found the woman but also a part of the minivan that had…

Woman Loses Life in Car Accident

Unfortunately, there are too many people who know the pain of a loss from an accident caused by negligence. When a family member dies in a car accident, there is often no time for the family to voice their goodbyes, have one last hug or to say I love you one more time. The family of a Georgia woman is mourning after her death in a recent afternoon car accident. The 36-year-old woman was sideswiped by a vehicle as she was driving around her home town. Her vehicle ran off the road, rolled over a number of times and landed in a ditch. She was thrown from her car and died as a result. She had two passengers, another adult and a child who were injured, but are both expected to fully recover. The condition of the other driver was not revealed in a report on the incident. Police say the…

Car Wrecks are Almost Unavoidable on Georgia Roadways

On behalf of Dozier Law Firm, LLC posted in Car Accidents on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. In life, it's not a question of if accidents are going to happen, but when. Although certain precautions can be taken to reduce the odds of an accident occurring, many accidents are completely unpredictable. As populations continue to rise across the state of Georgia, roadways are often crowded and congested, especially in metropolitan areas. Due to the sheer number of vehicles sharing roadways, car wrecks are almost unavoidable. A recent accident in Cobb County claimed the life of one driver and injured another. The crash happened during the afternoon hours along Powder Springs Road. According to reports, a blue sedan was traveling westbound when a black sedan pulled out of a parking lot and into the path of the blue sedan. Reports said the blue sedan violently collided with the driver's side of the black sedan. Reportedly, the driver of the blue sedan was injured and transported to a…

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