Month: April 2014

Driver Unharmed in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

In Macon, there are a number of cyclists who enjoy hopping on their motorcycles for a ride. However, as many motorcyclists know, a motorcycle accident is not uncommon for those who ride. Not even following proper road safety may entirely prevent a cyclist from getting into an accident. Generally speaking, in a motorcycle accident, the person who comes away with the most injuries is the person riding the motorcycle. Even with protective gear in place and a helmet, there is still a lot of open space between the rider and any potential hazards. As such, there are many instances where an accident is highly damaging or even fatal to the motorcyclist while the driver of the vehicle leaves the scene with much less damage. For example, there is one case in Georgia in which a chief judge was recently killed in a motorcycle and car accident. The man and his wife…

Taking Your Motorcycle Out Of Storage? Consider These Safety Tips

Many motorcyclists in Georgia are starting to take their bikes out of storage to prepare for the riding reason during the coming warmer months. While this is an exciting time for motorcycle enthusiasts in the state, it’s also a dangerous time as motorcyclists are often a little dusty from months of not riding and vehicle drivers are less conditioned to watch for motorcyclists on the roadways. For that reason, now is a good time to revisit safety rules and tips for motorcycle riders. In order to help prevent being involved in a serious motorcycle accident this spring and summer, keep the following guidelines from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in mind: Dress appropriately. Because your gear is the only thing protecting you from the pavement, it’s important to invest in a good helmet and protective riding gear, including leather or thick long-sleeved shirts, pants, boots, and gloves, even when the weather is warm. Stay…

Georgia woman’s DUI takes life of pastor

Sometimes a little wind-down may be needed for those in Macon. Whether it’s chatting with a friend, hanging out at a club or organizing a small get-together, drinking may be involved as well. Some people may also end up getting behind the wheel of their car without realizing that they are over the limit, which could result in drunk driving charges or worse. One 47-year-old woman has unfortunately discovered how badly things can go when you get behind the wheel of a car while inebriated, even if you do not realize how inebriated you are. The woman will be facing not only a DUI charge and a charge for driving without her headlights, but also charges that include serious injury by vehicle, driving on the opposite side of the road and vehicular homicide to the first degree. While the woman was inebriated, she got into her car and ended up hitting…

Construction work zone awareness week

As spring blooms in Georgia, motorists may note an increase in the amount of highway construction. The projects are designed to improve the highways, adding lanes, improving or replacing antiquated bridges, repaving road surfaces and generally making the driving experience more safe and pleasant. But before that happens, road construction and work zones mean lane changes, detours, slower speed limits, flagmen and delays. This can irritate many motorists, tempting them to drive too fast and tailgate, as their frustration builds. They may see the signs urging them to give construction workers a "brake," and higher fines for violations in a work zone. They may assume this means workers are at greater risk to dying in a car accident in a work zone. However, they would be dead wrong. In fact, if they speed in a work zone, they may simply be dead. A recent study shows that four out of five fatalities…

Security Forces airman helps woman in car wreck near RAFB

After serious auto accidents, the lives of injured victims often hang in the balance with each passing second before medical responders arrive. Recently, a Georgia Air National Guardsman relied on his training and his commitment to the core values of the Air Force to help a woman who was badly injured in a car wreck near Robins Air Force Base. The airman provided medical attention and stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived on the scene. The Security Forces superintendent was en route to work when he saw the aftermath of a two-vehicle collision. One of the cars had broken through part of the base fence, and a woman injured in the crash was unconscious inside her vehicle. Because the car doors were locked, the airman and a civilian who had also stopped used their fingers to pry a window away from its frame until the window shattered. According to the…

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