Month: October 2013

Keeping teen drivers safe from distraction

Driving presents a conundrum for most people in Macon. Experience is essential to developing the skills necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle on the streets and highways of Georgia, but in order to gain that experience, you must begin as an inexperienced, and typically, teen-aged driver. Moving a teen driver from inexperienced and overwhelmed to experienced and competent is a significant problem. Fatal car accidentsare the leading cause of death for teens, and yet for most Americans, giving your keys to your son or daughter and sending them out on their own, is an essential rite of passage. In addition to their inexperience, teens today are faced with an unparalleled barrage of distraction while driving. And no device is more distracting than a smartphone, a device that insinuates itself in to our driving habits, making it seem as if no would be able to go anywhere without it It is…

Driving may not be as easy as it appears

Driving from Macon to Atlanta on I-75, you may think that it would be fairly easy to engineer a driverless car to deal with such a route. And while I-75 is not some lightly traveled route, after all, it is six lanes most of the way, the wide lanes, gentle curves, and controlled access intersections limit the number of unpredictable events you may encounter. Sure, driving the road still comes with any number of potential causes of a car accident, from deer crossing in twilight to a recapped semi-trailer tire blowing out as you pass by, but as compared to a busy city intersection, the interstate makes for an easy drive, especially for a computer. As driverless car prototypes are already operating on U.S. highways, you may expect that they could appear in your favorite dealer's showroom any day. That may be overly optimistic. The interstates, for all their challenges, are…

A Minor Car Accident May Not Be So Minor

When we hear about a car accident, our first thought is often, "Was anyone killed." Macabre as this thought is, it is hard to suppress. Even though we never think that a car accident is going to happen to us as we drive about our day in Macon, the truth is we never really know. A writer in the Atlanta Magazine details her experience after a "minor" car accident. She says she did not see the accident coming until the interior of her car "exploded" and she was plunged into darkness for seconds as the airbags inflated. Luckily for her, the accident was both minor and there were paramedics nearby, who had been eating dinner. They rushed to the accident site to help. She suffered only minor injuries, like bruising and soreness. She complained of chest pain, which could have been from a slight fracture of her ribs. These low-speed car…

Drowsy driving a bigger problem than many realize

Most people have had the sensation while driving the roads in Georgia, especially while on the interstates. You may not feel tired when you begin driving, but after a while, staring at the road in front of you, you sense you eyelids becoming heavy and you may even feel your chin drop, as you momentarily drift off. You may arrive at your destination, and think to yourself that maybe you should have had a little more sleep, but you do not feel as if you were ever in any danger. After all, it is not as if you were driving drunk. Or is it very much like driving drunk, and in the range of car accidents, could it even be worse? A recent study finds that many people who believe they have had an adequate amount of sleep still are driving drowsy. The study from the University of Pennsylvania Health System…

The Other Deer Season in Georgia

When you driving the roads surrounding Macon and Warner Robins, you probably have seen the occasional deer along the highway. Sometimes you may even see a group of deer, often with their young. While you may be charmed by this bucolic scene, you should take it as a warning. While deer can be cute at a petting zoo, along the road they pose a danger, and in many cases a mortal danger for car and truck accidents. The good news is the number of deer-car accidents declined last year, according to an analysis done by a large insurance company. They calculate the odds of a driver in the United States striking a deer as 1 in 174. This represents an improvement from last year when the odds were 1 in 167. While Georgia was not in the top states for deer collisions, it is no reason to be complacent. The…

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