Month: December 2017

Man killed in motorcycle accident in Columbia County

For experienced motorists in Georgia and other states, many traffic laws are second nature. Unfortunately, some people have made a bad habit of ignoring certain laws or overlooking them in certain situations. Failure to follow these laws can have terrible results, especially if a motorcycle is involved. It isn't unusual for a motorcycle accident to result in injuries or death because the riders have significantly less protection than a driver in a car. Recently, a 22-year-old motorcyclist was killed in an accident involving his motorcycle and an SUV. His motorcycle, traveling south, was struck by the SUV, traveling north, when the SUV driver attempted to make a left-hand turn. The collision caused the motorcyclist to be thrown from his bike. When authorities arrived, they had the motorcyclist transported to Doctors Hospital. He was pronounced dead on the evening of Dec. 21. The woman driving the SUV was charged with failure to yield…

Car Accident Results in Severe Injuries for 7 Year-Old Girl

It is always tragic when a person suffers a serious injury in an accident, even more so when that person is a child. One such car accident occurred earlier this month and resulted in what many parents may consider being one of their worst nightmares.  This crash is the reason why a 7-year-old girl is currently a patient at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. Authorities say that this accident occurred on a Saturday afternoon in Newnan around 5 p.m. The little girl was seated behind her mother in the car. Reports say that a minivan crashed into their vehicle as the mother was attempting to turn left onto another street. When Georgia State Patrol arrived on the scene, the child was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Upon arriving at the hospital, it was revealed that the girl had suffered damage to her spinal cord, a collapsed lung, and brain swelling. Doctors have told…

Options for Fighting Your SSD Denial

For disabled individuals, Social Security disability payments are quite beneficial. In fact, for some individuals, they are necessary to maintain a decent standard of living. If you received a denial after applying for SSD, it may be for reconcilable reasons. In such cases, you have a couple of choices for fighting your denial. Appeal The appeal process tends to be the more successful means for getting a new determination for an SSD claim. With an appeal, a local court reviews the submission to make a new decision. Local courts tend to be more apt to approve SSD claims. New claim With a new claim, you start the whole process again, which can be time-consuming but may be necessary for some situations. In many cases individuals make an accidental error, such as not providing certain information, that results in the denial. With a new claim, you are able to submit documentation and evidence to support…

2 Injured in Truck Accident

Cell phones and other electronic devices are the causes of multiple car accidents in Georgia and across the nation every day. Often, these accidents occur on major roadways and interstates. However, residents of Milton were recently reminded that these crashes can occur in residential areas as well when a truck accident left two people injured. The accident occurred on a local road when a commercial dump truck lost control and struck a stone mailbox as well as another vehicle. The driver of the dump truck had apparently looked away from the road to check the GPS on his phone, and when he did so, the truck dropped off of the side of the road. When he attempted to correct the vehicle, he hit the mailbox. The vehicle then slid sideways across the double yellow line and struck a pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction. Both drivers suffered serious injuries and were taken…

Robbery May Result in Wrongful Death Suit

Most of our time is split between home and work. In fact, there are many people who seem to spend so much time at work that it begins to feel like a second home; they become comfortable there or feel as though they should be. There are times when employees become concerned with certain procedures or security measures, which they can communicate to their employers, and it is up to the employers to listen to these concerns and take appropriate measures. A restaurant employee in Georgia voiced her concerns about the establishment's security, but her concerns went unheeded and she was killed during a robbery. Her family may now be considering filing a wrongful death suit against their daughter's former employer. The robbery occurred at Barcelona Wine Bar in Atlanta. Three masked and armed individuals came into the bar early one morning as employees were closing the restaurant. The regular employees who…

One Dead in Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, and at this time of year, many riders in Georgia may be taking their bikes out as often as they can before the weather gets too cold. Both motorcycle riders and people driving other vehicles must be constantly aware of who and what is around them as they travel. Motorcyclists, especially, run the risk of sustaining a severe injury whenever they go out on their bikes because there is nothing between the driver and the road when a motorcycle accident occurs. The risk of serious injury or death can increase when there are other, larger vehicles involved in the accident as well. On the evening of Friday, Nov. 17 Georgia State Patrol officers responded to an accident involving a truck and a motorcycle in Coffee County. The accident occurred when a motorcycle traveling northbound on Hwy 221 crashed into the side of a pickup truck.  The truck…

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