Month: February 2018

Driver Charged After Truck Accident

Traffic accidents are, unfortunately, unavoidable on major roadways like highways or interstates. These accidents can range from minor fender-benders with no injuries to multiple-car pileups that result in severe injuries or deaths. A truck accident is especially likely to result in injury or death because of the size of the vehicle involved. Several months ago, one such accident occurred in Georgia, and one of the drivers who was seriously injured in the crash recently passed away. As a result, charges have been filed against the truck driver involved. The original crash occurred in November of last year and involved 11 vehicles, including a tractor-trailer. Multiple people were injured in the crash, but only one has died as a result of those injuries. It was ultimately determined that the truck driver was responsible for the crash, and warrants have been issued for his arrest. Authorities are filing multiple charges against the driver of the…

Critical Injuries Result from Motorcycle Accident

As the weather begins to warm up, drivers must watch for more motorcycles while on the road. It can be easy for a motorcyclist to lose control or crash into something else while trying to avoid being hit by other, larger vehicles on the road. A motorcycle accident in Georgia occurred under similar circumstances. A 42-year-old motorcyclist is currently in critical condition at Navicent Health in Macon after an accident on Gray Highway recently. The accident occurred when a car pulling onto the highway from a parking lot crossed over the lanes and into the victim's path. He attempted to swerve out of the car's way but crashed into the rear of the vehicle in the process. When authorities arrived, they had the motorcyclist transported to a hospital for treatment. The driver of the car only carried a CP license with her and has been cited for driving without a licensed driver…

Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits, Explained

For many employees who get hurt on the job, workers' comp is critical to their survival. That is why it is important that they understand the process of seeking compensation for their work-related injuries. One of the essential aspects of workers' compensation is the variance between the different types of benefits. There are three main types that employees should be aware of. Temporary total disability As the name indicates, temporary total disability provides disability benefits on a temporary basis for those individuals who become completely disabled due to an injury. This benefit is available for various types of injuries, including: Paralysis Brain injury Limb amputation Neurological disorder Total blindness According to the workers' compensation regulations, these benefits may last for up to 400 weeks, unless the accident results in a catastrophic injury. Under this benefit, workers receive up to two-thirds of their working wage. Permanent partial disability For those individuals who…

Georgia Car Accident Causes 1 Death, Multiple Injuries

Many accidents that occur can be attributed to young and inexperienced drivers. Other times, experienced drivers may choose to ignore what may seem to be small rules because they are in a hurry or maybe because they do not believe that there is any danger at that time. Georgia State Patrol recently responded to a car accident involving a similar situation. Two vehicles collided; one, a pickup truck, was driven by a 16-year-old and the other, a car, was operated by a 62-year-old. The crash occurred when the 62-year-old driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic while pulling into an intersection. As he pulled into the intersection a pickup truck driven by the 16-year-old collided with the driver's side door. Police said that the younger driver attempted to stop the truck but was unable to do so. Both drivers and their passengers were wearing seat belts. Authorities pronounced the older driver dead at the…

One Dead and One Injured After Car Accident

Wearing a seat belt can be the difference between life and death as many Georgia drivers know. Most drivers fasten their seat belt out of habit, but there are some who do not believe that they need it. Following simple laws like wearing a seat belt, stopping at a stop sign, yielding to traffic, or following the speed limit can help to limit the number or the severity of injuries caused by accidents. Some of these can even help to prevent a car accident entirely. A recent crash involving two vehicles resulted in the injury of one driver and the death of another. The crash occurred when the driver of the first vehicle failed to yield to oncoming traffic while turning left onto a highway. Another car traveling in the opposite direction struck the first vehicle as it crossed over opposing lanes of traffic. When police arrived, they pronounced the driver of the…

Mother of Stuntman Files Wrongful Death Suit

Action-packed television shows are among the most popular today. The audience members sit on the edge of their seats as they watch their favorite characters stand up to villains or fend off zombies. However, many viewers may not think about how these amazing shows are made. Actors put hours of work into creating the characters that audiences come to love, and their stuntmen put their bodies on the line to bring the action sequences to life. Even with the safety precautions taken by the production, a stuntman was killed while filming the show "The Walking Dead" in Georgia, and his mother has since filed a wrongful death suit. The stuntman died several months ago from injuries he suffered while performing a fall during filming. In the suit, the 33-year-old actor's mother claims that a low budget was responsible for what she claims were insufficient safety standards. she alleges that the pressure to…

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