Month: August 2018

Distracted Driving Causes the Death of Officer’s Grandchild

There are many hazards on the road that drivers cannot control, like weather or construction. However, many accidents are not caused by hazards like these. They are caused by distracted driving. One such accident caused the death of a Georgia county sheriff officer's grandchild. The four-year-old girl died in an accident that occurred earlier this month. She was in the car with her mother and younger brother when the car was struck from behind by another vehicle. When authorities arrived on the scene, which included the child's grandfather, the little girl was pulled from the vehicle and CPR was administered. After the accident, the driver of the second vehicle told authorities that he had dropped a bottle and his phone into the floorboard of his car and was attempting to reach for them when he crashed into the vehicle carrying the mother and her children. Unfortunately, the child did not…

Two Injured in Motorcycle Accident Involving Another Vehicle

Many motorcyclists across the country enjoy riding with others. Some people choose to ride alongside other riders, and others choose to ride with a passenger. Unfortunately, when a motorcycle accident occurs, the driver and passenger both risk sustaining serious injuries. Georgia State Patrol officers recently responded to a crash that resulted in the injury of a motorcyclist and his passenger. The motorcyclist and his passenger were traveling east in the right lane of a highway when the accident occurred. A northbound sedan turned left onto the highway in front of the motorcycle. Unfortunately, the driver of the motorcycle did not have enough time to react to the vehicle and crashed into the sedan. Both of the motorcycle occupants were thrown from the bike. Each of the motorcycle riders was taken to nearby medical centers for treatment. The driver was taken via ground transportation to a nearby hospital, but his passenger was airlifted for…

Car Accident Causes 4 Deaths Including a Young Boy

A significant number of people have broken what they may consider being a minor traffic law, such as running a stop sign. However, these seemingly minor or insignificant traffic laws are in place to help prevent potentially deadly crashes. Georgia authorities recently responded to a car accident which resulted in not just one, but four deaths as well as several injuries. This accident occurred between a pickup truck and a smaller car, both of which contained multiple passengers. The driver of the car reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with the pickup truck. A total of seven people were either injured or killed in the crash. Three were riding in the truck and the other four, including a six-year-old boy, were riding in the car. All four passengers of the car, including the child, were killed in the crash. The three truck passengers suffered minor injuries. They were transported to…

Were You Injured by a Driver Speeding Through a Stop Sign?

Let us say that you were at an intersection with a four-way stop. It was your turn to proceed when, out of nowhere, a pickup truck sped through the stop sign and smashed into your car. Your airbags deployed, but you still suffered serious injuries. You are facing a long recovery and weeks of rehabilitation. Why did this have to happen? Dangers Speeding endangers the perpetrator of this activity as well as other nearby motorists. According to statistics gathered by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, speeding has been a major cause of roadway fatalities in our country for more than 20 years, a contributing factor in about a third of those deaths. Motivations Many drivers who are going faster than they should are simply running late. Most working people, especially, have busy schedules and try to cram too much into their 10- or 12-hour day. They jump in the car…

Car Accident Involving 2 Vehicles Results in Multiple Injuries

Intersections are dangerous. When drivers are not fully aware of their surroundings, accidents are more likely to occur. The Georgia State Patrol responded to a recent car accident that caused multiple injuries. The accident occurred when an SUV turning left onto U.S. 411 collided with a westbound pickup truck. Reports say that the SUV had pulled in front of the oncoming truck, causing the collision. The truck rolled to a stop near the median, while the SUV rolled down an embankment. Part of the highway was temporarily closed while paramedics and state troopers accessed the scene. Both drivers were extricated from their vehicles by emergency personnel after the crash. A passenger and the driver were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The seriously-injured driver of the SUV was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Authorities reported that his injuries were life-threatening. Entering and exiting major roadways is dangerous under any circumstances, but particularly…

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