Month: August 2019

Arrest Made Following Fatal Accident in Georgia

Most drivers in Georgia go to great lengths to ensure that they are following all traffic laws to protect both their personal safety as well as the safety of others they may encounter. Unfortunately, it may be impossible for even the safest of drivers to avoid the negligent acts of others. For example, a fatal accident involving a tire on a tractor-trailer recently resulted in a woman's death. The incident happened on a day in mid-August. According to reports, a 31-year-old man from out of state was driving a tractor-trailer in the northbound lanes of Interstate 75. Two wheels on the tractor-trailer apparently came off one of the axles of the truck. One of the tires flew across a concrete median and struck a southbound sports utility vehicle. Law enforcement officers claim that the tire took most of the top of the vehicle off. The 36-year-old driver of the SUV, a…

1 Dead in Georgia Car Accident

One person has died following a crash in Perry, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. The car accident occurred on Georgia 247 late on the evening of Aug. 13 and involved two vehicles. Two other people were taken to local hospitals with injuries, and the accident is still under investigation by authorities as of this report. According to the preliminary report, it appears a 36-year-old woman was traveling southbound on Ga. 247 when the accident occurred. For reasons that have yet to be determined, the woman's vehicle crossed the center line into oncoming traffic before striking a northbound vehicle head-on. The Georgia State Patrol confirmed she was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver and passenger of the northbound vehicle reportedly survived the crash and were taken to a local medical center for injuries described as non-life-threatening. Police say they are not planning to file charges against the driver…

Wrongful Death: Georgia Man Faces Criminal Charges in Train Crash

Drivers in Georgia likely come across a variety of different flashing lights, warning signs, and other precautions to protect their safety. Unfortunately, some people may choose to ignore these signs or fail to see them, potentially placing their own lives at risk as well as the lives of their passengers or others in the area. In fact, a recent fatal accident in Georgia -- which could ultimately result in a wrongful death lawsuit -- appears to illustrate the potential dangers of failing to obey flashing lights. The incident happened just before 7 a.m. on a day in early August. According to reports, a 45-year-old man drove a van onto train tracks. The man allegedly ignored several warnings that a train was coming. Reports indicate that the intersection was equipped with several safety tools, including crossbucks, lights, gates, and bells. Video of the incident reportedly shows the man leaving the van just…

Car Wrecks Caused by Seniors in Georgia 5th Highest in US

Though a driver of any age can be involved in a car crash, some drivers may have more risk factors than others. A recent study claims that, here in Georgia, senior citizens have a higher risk of being in car wrecks than in most of the rest of the nation, ranking fifth on the list. There are several reasons why this may be the case. Older people's cognitive and physical abilities can decline due to age, making it more difficult for them to safely operate a vehicle. Experts say that families should watch for certain behaviors that may indicate that an elderly loved one should stop driving. If a loved one has increased difficulty hearing or seeing, cannot follow a conversation, or has difficulty with motor skills, it may be best for everyone to convince the individual to stop driving. Also, if families notice that the older person's vehicle has…

Drunk Driving Suspected in Fatal Georgia Crash

The dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are well-publicized. Despite the efforts made by government and advocacy groups, there are people in Georgia and across the country who still get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence. In fact, a woman is now accused of drunk driving following a motor vehicle accident that resulted in the death of a bicyclist. The incident happened during the morning hours of a day in mid-July. According to reports, a 34-year-old woman was southbound when her vehicle collided with a bicycle. The 29-year-old male cyclist died upon impact. Police say that the driver involved was under the influence at the time of the accident. As a result, she is charged with DUI, driving while unlicensed, and homicide by vehicle. Law enforcement officials are still investigating the accident. She was denied bond at a hearing that was held in…

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