Month: February 2020

Police officer injured in drunk driving accident

Consuming alcohol or drugs and then driving often causes great distress for a number of people. Should the driver cause an accident, he or she may spend time in jail, lose driving privileges and pay fines. Those injured in a drunk driving accident may have permanent or long-term debilitating injuries that adversely affect their everyday lives. A Georgia police officer was injured in an apparent drunk driving accident, and the man deemed responsible faces some serious charges as a result. Approximately seven months ago around 11 p.m., the officer was parked in his service vehicle when a Jeep Wrangler crashed into it. His airbag deployed, and he ended up with a concussion and damage to his eardrum. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The driver of the Jeep drove away after the collision, running a red light in the process. Eyewitnesses say the man was weaving back and…

Allegedly Inebriated Man Causes Car Accident

Drinking and driving is selfish. Many who consume alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel believe they will reach their destination without causing a car accident. Others simply do not care if they cause harm or not. Two people were injured in a car accident when a Georgia man apparently decided he would drive after drinking. A police report was released by the responding officer after the man made a turn and entered the wrong lane, crashing into an SUV. A child and an adult in the SUV were injured and were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated. Neither had been critically injured and were released by the time the details of the report were published. Police say the man who instigated the collision seemed to be inebriated, as it was believed he had an odor of alcohol on his breath, was slurring his words, and was unsteady on…

Man Facing Charges After Woman’s Death in Car Accident

It does not take but a moment's distraction for a motor vehicle to cause some serious damage. Just a split second of taking eyes off the road can result in a car accident where someone is killed or critically injured. A Georgia man faces numerous charges concerning a car accident that claimed the life of a 42-year-old woman. The woman was headed west in her sedan when an SUV traveling east crossed over the centerline into oncoming traffic. The head-on collision killed the woman. The SUV driver and his female passenger were also injured and taken to an area medical facility, but they are both expected to make a complete recovery. The man turned himself in to the county authorities and has been charged with reckless driving, vehicular homicide and improper use of a seat belt. Reportedly, there are other unspecified charges pending against him. At the time of a report on the accident,…

Drunk Driving Said to be Cause of Man’s Death

Stories consistently make the news headlines about people who have lost their lives too soon due to some type of accident. Often, those accidents are caused by drunk driving. A Georgia man who had completed medical school and was looking forward to a career in physical therapy died at the age of 26. The tragedy has been blamed on drunk driving. The University of Georgia graduate was on his way home from a training class when another driver, who police say had been drinking, crashed into him. The victim's car was so badly damaged that the door had to be cut at the hinges so emergency responders could remove him. He was rushed to an area hospital, but he died two days later. Police at the scene reported the other driver was unsteady on his feet, and his speech was slurred. Despite police finding cans of unopened beer in his pickup…

Grand Jury Indictment in Fatal Car Accident Case

Caution on the road is imperative these days, as the potential for an accident is present or at any time of the day or night. That potential for a fatal car accident increases with the number of people who consume alcohol or drugs and then get behind the wheel. A Georgia woman was recently indicted by a grand jury for killing three adults in a fatal car accident. The 59-year-old woman was transporting four people to their assisted-living facility nearly 10 months ago when she ran off the road in her SUV. The vehicle crossed three lanes, ran off the road and hit the side of a ditch before flipping over. Three of her passengers died at the scene from the impact and she and a fourth passenger were seriously injured. They were air-lifted to a hospital 30 miles away from the accident. Responding police say they found cocaine in the driver's…

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