Knowledgeable Representation For Collisions Between Cars And Trains

Train Accidents

When two cars collide, the drivers and occupants of both vehicles are in danger of injury. When a car collides with a train, the damage is largely one-sided. The people in the car often suffer serious injury or death.

While it may not always be obvious to the public, negligence on the part of the train operator or railroad company is often at the heart of these accidents. Victims of train-car collisions deserve an attorney who is willing to fight to protect their rights.

At Dozier Law, our skilled attorneys know the issues that often contribute to these deadly accidents. From our offices in Macon and Savannah, we handle serious personal injury cases throughout Georgia. Our lawyers have been working to protect injury victims and their families since 1966.

Unsafe Crossings And Railroad Safety Issues

Railroad crossings vary greatly across the country. Some are well-marked and equipped with the latest safety equipment. Others give drivers little to no warning about the potential danger they pose. Despite countless complaints over the years, railroads and state agencies still allow trains to barrel across roads where drivers are unlikely to expect them.

The Macon area and central Georgia have many unsafe railroad crossings. Along with other known safety problems involving railroads, these crossings cause thousands of collisions and hundreds of deaths every year. Victims of these wrecks are often blamed for the accidents, despite the known failures of the railroad industry to maintain proper safety oversight. Crash victims deserve better.

Investigation And Advocacy

We help accident victims by conducting proper safety investigations when we suspect a railroad company has been negligent. Our attorneys know how to get answers. We can help you see what really caused the accident that changed your life. If we find negligence on the part of the train company, we have the resources and talent to fight for your rights, in and out of the courtroom.

Insurance Issues In Collisions With Trains

Crashes involving trains are not like other motor vehicle accidents. Railroad companies and their insurers are playing for different stakes. It is important to speak with us before you talk to any insurance representative, yours or theirs. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose in trying to deal with the train company’s insurer.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a collision with a train, you need legal help right away. Contact us online or call 888-239-2129 to speak to one of our attorneys. We can help you protect your rights after a train-car accident.

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