Month: February 2015

Man Killed in Car Wash by Hit-and-Run Driver

A Georgia man is dead after a vehicle crashed into a building in Fulton County on Feb. 14. The driver of the vehicle left the scene but was apprehended later. Sandy Springs police reported the suspect in the fatal accident is facing charges of vehicular homicide in the first degree. In addition, the man is charged with felony leaving the scene of an accident. According to a representative of the police in Sandy Springs, the man who died, a resident of Jonesboro, was in a building that was described as a local car wash in the 6000 block of Roswell Road when he was struck. A Ford Mustang that went out of control hit the building. The driver of the Ford Mustang allegedly left the accident site. He was later found at an apartment complex where police apprehended him. The individual in the building was taken to an Atlanta hospital.…

Risks to motorcyclists involved in accidents

A motorcycle rider who is involved in an accident on a Georgia road is much more likely to suffer serious personal injury or to die than are those who are occupants in other types of motor vehicles. Motorcyclists simply do not have the same protection as do other vehicle occupants. According to data provided by the Insurance Information Institute, 4,688 people died and approximately 88,000 were injured in motorcycle accidents around the country during 2013. A 2012 study demonstrated that for every vehicle mile traveled in the U.S. that year, motorcyclists were far more likely to be involved in a fatal collision or to be seriously injured in a crash than were other occupants of passenger cars. In many cases, drivers simply fail to see motorcyclists who have the right of way. In two-thirds of collisions, the fault lies with other motorists who are turning left onto a roadway, crossing…

Car Accidents and Shoulder Fractures

When people in Georgia are involved in motor vehicle collisions, especially those that occur at high speed, they are in danger of suffering shoulder fractures as one of their possible injuries. Shoulder fractures can occur in accidents as a result of a significant blow to the chest, leading to breaks to any of the three main bones that comprise the shoulder. Shoulder fractures may occur to the clavicle, the scapula, or the proximal humerus, which is the top portion of the humerus or upper-arm bone. The fractures can range in severity, and the resulting treatment needed will vary from surgery and metal plates to immobilization and physical therapy. It is generally hard to break the scapula, as it is fairly well-protected by the surrounding muscles and the chest wall. High-speed collisions can provide the force necessary to cause such a fracture, usually through also causing chest injuries. Scapular fractures may…

Some statistics about impaired driving

Safety on Georgia roads can be negatively impacted by the actions of just one drunk driver, and the problem of impaired driving continues to be a concern on a national level. Statistics indicate that individuals in the United States perish at a rate of one person every 51 minutes in car accidents that involve a drunk driver. Although a combination of increased education and stiffer penalties has been used nationwide in an effort to reduce DUI accidents, the problem with impaired individuals getting behind the wheel remains a significant one. A large percentage of drunk driving accidents are attributed to younger drivers. More than 80 percent of DUI fatalities in 2012 involved impaired drivers who were 44 years old or younger. Among this group, the greatest concentration of incidents involved those between the ages of 21 and 24, while the percentages declined for those between the ages of 35 and 44. However,…

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