Month: March 2018

Making a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Work for Your Business

For those looking to eliminate debts and seek financial stability, bankruptcy can be very helpful. Particularly if you are a small business owner, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be worth considering. There are a few key facts that you should know about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy so that you may get the most out of it. Business and individual People can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for personal purposes, or for their businesses. Therefore, the type of business is an important consideration when determining how to file. For a sole proprietorship, the business and business owner are one, so a personal filing covers the individual and business. On the other hand, a limited liability company separates the person and business, so to dissolve all responsibility to the company, the owner would have to file a personal and business bankruptcy. Requirements The different bankruptcy types have their own set requirements. Before embarking upon the filing process, it would…

2 Hospitalized After Recent Car Accident in Georgia

Even a small distraction can place a driver at risk of being involved in a collision. In fact, a car accident can occur within a matter of seconds. Georgia authorities recently responded to a crash involving two vehicles. A pickup truck was leaving a Kroger parking lot in Columbia County when it collided with a car that was traveling in the middle lane of the roadway. The driver of the pickup apparently did not see the oncoming vehicle. After the collision, traffic was limited to a single lane on one side of the road, and traffic on the other side of the road slowed significantly. Both the driver and passenger in the car were injured in the crash. They were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries, which were not considered life-threatening. Later, police determined that the driver of the pickup truck was at fault. He was charged with a failure…

Fatal Accidents in Popular Locations

It is widely believed that there are few things more tragic than the death of a child. Many residents of Georgia might have heard about a recent accident that resulted in the death of a small child. Fatal accidents that occur in public places, like shopping centers, can sometimes have a long-lasting effect on the memories of those who were involved in some way or on those who learned about it later. A young child was recently killed by a falling mirror while shopping for shoes with her family. The child was looking at some of the store's merchandise when the family reportedly heard a crash. One of the store's full-length mirrors was not properly secured and had fallen onto the little girl. Among the witnesses was one of the victim's older cousins. He told reporters that before the paramedics arrived his cousin had lost a significant amount of blood…

Search Continues for Driver After Car Accident

There are many people who attempt to flee after committing one serious crime or multiple crimes. Georgia officers are searching for a driver who made bail after a car accident that resulted in one death and two serious injuries. The suspect is also wanted for his involvement in other criminal activity, and authorities say that he should be considered dangerous. They also ask that anyone who has information about the suspect to contact the police. At the time of the crash, the 19-year-old suspect was reportedly traveling 84 miles per hour on a road where the speed limit was 35 miles per hour. He was traveling with five minor passengers in his vehicle. The suspect's vehicle collided with a second vehicle carrying two passengers. One of these passengers was killed, and the other was seriously injured. A passenger in the at-fault driver's vehicle was also seriously injured. A few days before the…

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