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Products Liability

Companies spend thousands on researching and developing products that are supposed to make our lives better. When they get to market, these companies and their manufacturers rake in millions of dollars. Unfortunately, all too frequently, these companies overlook problems in designs or fail to adequately test these products to ensure that they are safe for consumers. Inevitably, when corners are cut, someone gets hurt.

If you were injured by a defective product or a loved one was killed, who pays? The products liability attorneys at Dozier Law Firm, LLC, will help you fight for the compensation you need. We will investigate your claim and pursue compensation from all responsible parties. With offices in Macon and Savannah, we represent clients throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

We Are Prepared To Handle Any Type Of Defect Claim

We are experienced at handling claims for any time of product defect, including but not limited to defective:

  • Flooring, including tiles and joists compromising stability or integrity of a structure
  • Electrical wiring defects causing a fire
  • Electronic devices causing fire or electrocution
  • Lawn equipment causing a collapse
  • Tires causing rollover accidents from blowouts (sears)
  • Brakes and other failures
  • Infant and child car seats causing severe injury or death
  • Appliances, including dryers, ovens, and ranges causing fire or electrocution

Our Approach

One of the advantages of choosing our firm is our experience. Our extensive knowledge of these types of claims enables us to pursue your claim aggressively and efficiently. We have a team of experts available to call upon to support your claim.

We are meticulous in our preparation and always prepared to go to trial if necessary to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies know our reputation. They know we are able to correctly assess the value of a claim and are less likely to waste time with a lowball offer.

Find Out What We Can Do For You

We invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer at our firm to discuss your claim and how we can help. During that consultation, we will review your options with you.

We are invested in making sure you get the money you deserve. You pay nothing upfront. We do not get paid unless you receive compensation for your injury. Schedule your consultation today. Call us in Macon at 478-292-6761 or Savannah at 844-738-5665. You can also email our firm by completing a short form with your contact information.

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I was injured in a terrible fall which left my foot, arm back and knee badly bruised. The Dozier Law Firm was awesome. Attorney Dustin Hamilton reviewed and accepted my case and within a few months he was able to settle my case for more than I ever imagine. The Dozier Law Firm is A+ in my book.

Ms. T. B.

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