Month: March 2020

Car Accident Claims 1 Life, Another Victim Injured

When a driver ignores traffic laws, bad things can happen. The laws were put in place for the safety of all who are on the road, whether driver, passenger or pedestrian. Breaking the law may lead to a car accident that could seriously injure or kill someone. A driver choosing to ignore a stop sign caused a car accident in which a Georgia resident was killed. A spokesperson for the Georgia State Patrol reported that a 19-year-old drove his Jeep through the stop sign for a side road intersecting with a state highway. She hit the passenger side of a pickup truck driven by a 31-year-old resident of a nearby town. The pickup driver was taking a friend home from work. The friend was a former contestant on a once-popular reality dance show, "So You Think You Can Dance." Both men were rushed to an area hospital, where the friend died. The driver…

More Charges Issued After Drunk Driving Accident

Driving drunk can bring a multitude of problems to a number of people. When people are injured or killed in a drunk driving accident, physical and emotional scars for the survivors can last for years. A Georgia man has been indicted on multiple charges after inflicting pain on two people in a drunk driving accident. On the evening of April 28, 2018, the man was attempting to make a left-hand turn in his SUV, which was also occupied by his 5-year-old daughter and another passenger. Reportedly, he did not yield to oncoming traffic and slammed into a motorcycle. The man's passenger and the motorcycle rider were taken to an area hospital with serious injuries. While his daughter was not injured, the man was taken to a hospital for examination, where the doctor smelled alcohol on him. Police found an open can of beer in his vehicle, and he failed a test that…

Lives of 2 Men Taken in Drunk Driving Accident

The number of people in Georgia who drive drunk continually increases. Even some who have faced prior recrimination do not seem to have learned their lesson on drunk driving, no matter how many people they have hurt, both emotionally and physically. Two mothers just testified for the last time after their sons were killed in a drunk driving accident nearly three years ago. The two men were cousins and were going through an intersection only a block away from their destination, the venue where a high school reunion was taking place, when an SUV crashed into their sedan. They both died at the scene. A report stated the driver of the SUV was arguing with one of his two passengers and his speed topped out at 109 mph as he ran a red light. Both passengers were also seriously injured in the crash. Although there were eyewitnesses and security cameras in the…

2 Airlifted for Treatment After Car Accident

There can be numerous reasons a Georgia driver gets into a car accident on the road. While cellphones are thought to be responsible for the most obvious loss of focus during a driver's travels, other passengers, other vehicles, and even medical conditions can contribute to a lack of concentration that could cause a car accident. Four adults and six children were involved in a recent car accident where the injuries ranged from minor to critical. According to an officer with the Georgia State Patrol, a pickup truck with two adults had stopped on a state highway to make a left-hand turn. A minivan with two juvenile passengers and the driver had stopped behind the truck. A third vehicle, a subcompact car occupied by one adult and 4 children rammed into the rear of the stationary minivan. All four adults suffered minor injuries, as did four of the children. Injuries to the…

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