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In-Car Entertainment And Distracted Driving

Every day, people buy new vehicles that have evolving entertainment features. There is now standard Bluetooth hands-free calling, but there are also large touchscreen radios with multiple ways to make a selection. Some vehicles have screens larger than the typical laptop screen right on the dash. These screens may help the driver navigate by displaying a large map, but they can also be a giant distraction. Distracted driving can take a seemingly safe and easy drive into a deadly accident in many moments. This happens daily. If you find yourself in a distracted driving accident, the attorneys at Dozier Law want to help you put your life back together. This article will explain more about distracted driving and how your in-car entertainment system may be a large distraction for you. If you are part of a distracted driving accident, we are ready to help you determine your best steps forward.…

New Georgia Law to Combat Distracted Driving

Using a cell phone while you operate a vehicle greatly increases the likelihood you will end up in a collision. According to the National Safety Council, you are up to 23 times more likely to end up in a car accident while texting than if you had both eyes on the road. To combat the epidemic of distracted driving taking place around the state, Georgia passed a new law that went into effect on July 1st earlier this year. Here is everything you need to know about the new law, but for the most part, as long as you keep your phone out of the way, you will have nothing to worry about. The Hands-Free Georgia Act This law prohibits motorists from holding a cell phone while a vehicle is in motion. That means they cannot make a call or text with an exception if there was an emergency taking place. You can also hold a…

New Law Attempts to Reduce Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

Drivers across Georgia have likely heard about the new Hands-Free Georgia Act, which goes into effect beginning July first. Other states have implemented similar laws and have seen a 16 percent drop in fatal accidents caused by distracted driving. It is hoped that this new law will have a similar effect in Georgia. This new law prohibits the use of cell phones and other mobile devices while on a roadway. In addition to forbidding people from texting while driving, this law states that drivers are not allowed to be holding their phone in their hands or touching their phone with any other part of their body while driving. It also prohibits all cell phone usage for teenage drivers and forbids all drivers from recording video, with the exception of continuously running dashboard cameras, or watching videos not related to navigation. However, there are some exceptions to this new law. Drivers are…

Distracted Driving Can Cause a Driver to Not See Other

It can be difficult, at times, to determine the cause of a car collision until after the completion of an accident investigation. Although it might appear as though a driver acted responsibly by obeying the traffic laws, a thorough investigation by the police or by an attorney acting on behalf of a victim suffering a serious injury might disclose evidence to prove the person was a negligent driver. A recent auto accident in which three vehicles were involved appears to have been caused by a driver who obeyed a stop sign. Unfortunately, the individual failed to yield to other traffic in the intersection as he drove away from the stop sign. The result was a three-car accident that sent three people requiring medical treatment to the hospital. According to police, one of the drivers pulled away from a stop sign without maintaining a proper lookout for other vehicles in the…

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