Month: May 2014

The road or the people: which is at fault?

Macon drivers may know already of the various tips and tricks that safe drivers can use to avoid accidents or bad situations. Unfortunately, car wrecks can be difficult to avoid in some cases, no matter how safe a person's driving practices are. Some roads are inherently more dangerous than others due to the conditions on or around them. As the years progress, many people are beginning to view Blue Jay Road as one of these dangerous roads. One intersection alone has seen 12 accidents happen another has had at least 5. Recently, 3 accidents have occurred over a 2 week period. In total, 25 crashes have happened on the road over the last 3 years, leading many people to try figuring out what about it is causing so many accidents. Some potential reasons include the fact that the road is only 2 lanes and it doesn't have very wide shoulders, but…

Neglectful death case potentially related to methamphetamines

Unfortunately, residents of Macon know as well as anyone else that accidents happen everywhere without warning. Sometimes, fatal accidents can occur as well, which is a tragedy that could potentially end in jail time for some depending on the situation. Accidents involving children can be some of the most heartbreaking ones to read, especially if the fatal accident is a result of potential negligence. This may be the cause with one woman who has recently been accused and charged of child neglect and endangerment and second degree manslaughter in addition to other drug-related charges such as allowing ingestion of meth with a child and storing meth near a child. Reportedly, the woman’s 7 week old daughter fell off of the bed after the woman got up to feed her and fell asleep. She then suffocated face-down on the floor, according to police reports. While police were investigating, it was also revealed…

Reason Behind Fatal Accident on Appling County Road Still Not Known

There are plenty of drivers in Macon who may prioritize safe driving no matter what the situation might be. However, car wrecks can happen to any driver at any time with little or no warning, time to prepare, or immediately detectable reason. In a case that Georgia patrol officers are still investigating, one man has left two others dead and one injured in a car accident on the freeway, but an actual cause for the accident itself has yet to be determined. The man who was driving the vehicle that struck the victims was taken to Appling Hospital for a precautionary check-up to ensure that no damage had been sustained. However, the car that he hit lost 2 people, ages 23 and 24. In addition, one woman in the car needed to be flown to a medical center for emergency attention. According to police reports, the accident occurred shortly before midnight…

18-year-old driver dies in unexplained accident

Drivers in Macon may have heard of the many warnings that are issued to limit drunk driving and the accidents that happen because of it. However, car wrecks aren't limited to only those who drink and drive, nor can all of them be predicted or prevented. In a recent case that left one teen dead, no alcohol or drugs were reported to be involved in the accident or suspected to have been taken by the driver. In addition to that, there were no charges filed on any part involved, potentially because the only death that occurred was the death of the driver who instigated the entire crash. It is unknown why the driver crossed the center line. The 18-year-old driver's car was heading down the highway when it crossed the center line, which resulted in another car's rear driver's side being struck. After that, the 18-year-old's car ended up facing south…

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