Month: April 2019

Car Accident Nearly Kills 9-Year-Old in Georgia

Police in Georgia are still on the lookout for the driver and passenger of a vehicle that nearly killed a little girl on the afternoon of March 29. The car accident took place in Lithonia and is being treated as a hit-and-run accident by police. As of April 1, police in Dekalb County said they were expecting to arrest a suspect shortly. According to security video footage, the little girl was playing in her family's front yard when the vehicle, which appeared to be speeding at the time of the crash, jumped the curb and entered the yard at high speed. It struck the girl with enough force to cause serious injury, including pelvic and skull fractures. Thankfully, the girl was rushed to a local hospital and is expected to recover. The security footage showed the driver, who has not been identified by police, escaping the vehicle through the passenger…

Girl Badly Injured in Georgia Car Accident

A girl in Lithonia credits her older brother with saving her life following an accident that left her near death, according to local sources. The 9-year-old Georgia girl was struck by an out-of-control vehicle while playing in her family's front yard on March 29. The driver involved in this nearly fatal car accident was apprehended later and is currently in police custody awaiting a trial for multiple charges. According to the accident report, the girl was playing in the front yard when a vehicle driven by a 28-year-old man apparently careened out of control, striking the girl and sending her flying before crashing into her family's home. Surveillance cameras showed family members rushing to help the injured girl, while the man is seen fleeing the scene. The girl was rushed to a local hospital with critical injuries, but she has survived and is currently confined to a wheelchair while undergoing…

Truck Accident in Georgia Kills 3

Three people died following a tragic accident involving a diesel truck, according to local sources. The Peach County Emergency Management Agency in Fort Valley confirmed the truck accident that killed both the truck driver and two people in a passenger vehicle. The precise cause of the Georgia accident is still under investigation. Limited information is available from this report, but it has been confirmed that the accident happened on the evening of March 30. Apparently, a tractor-trailer driven by a 55-year-old woman was headed eastbound on the 49 Bypass when the accident occurred. For reasons that are still unknown, the truck collided with a southbound vehicle carrying two female students, both 19 years old, who attended the nearby Fort Valley State University. The force of the impact caused the fuel tank on the tractor-trailer to rupture. This, in turn, caused both vehicles to catch fire, trapping all three people in…

Police Believe Drunk Driving Took Life of Delivery Person

Getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol can cause irreparable damage, not just to the one driver but to others on the road. Drunk driving has been the cause of a number of deaths on Georgia roads and all over the country. Police believe drunk driving was behind the death of a woman in an early morning crash. The 54-year-old woman was on the road just after 3:30 a.m. for her job as a delivery person. She had worked delivering for the local newspaper in the past but had started working for another company. As she was driving her route, her small Dodge Neon was hit from behind by a much larger Chevrolet Avalanche. The car became stuck under the front bumper of the truck, and both vehicles went off the road and hit a tree. The woman was killed instantly, but the driver of the truck, a 24-year-old…

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