Month: September 2017

Child Killed in 4-Vehicle Car Accident

On the evening of September 12, police in Henry County, Georgia, responded to a crash involving four cars on I-75 South. Authorities state that the car accident occurred when a truck struck the rear of another car. The two vehicles then continued forward to hit two more cars. Most of the individuals involved in the crash were able to walk away without any serious injury. However, the accident did, unfortunately, result in one death. A two-year-old girl died due to injuries that she sustained during the crash. Police have confirmed that the child was properly restrained in her car seat. The driver responsible for the initial crash fled the scene on foot with his passenger. The two were later found and arrested. After his arrest, it was discovered that the driver of the truck was driving without a valid license. In addition to being charged with vehicular homicide, the driver is being…

Drunk Driving Accident Kills Man on His Way to Work

Traffic in Georgia seems to have reached an all-time high in the last week. Roadways are packed with people driving up from Florida in order to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma. Unfortunately, with more people on the roads, small accidents are taking a greater toll on the flow of traffic. The increased number of drivers also means that drunk driving accidents are more likely to cause serious harm. Last Saturday a young father was killed by a drunk driver. The victim's car was T-boned at an intersection on his commute to work. After the accident, the driver of the other vehicle was arrested. He has been charged with DUI and driving without a license. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that drunk driving has affected this family. It was revealed later that a relative of the victim was also killed by a drunk driver. The family has set up…

Georgia car accident takes the life of a mother of 5

Recently, the lives of five children were changed forever. Their mother was killed in a car accident on Georgia Interstate 85 South. The crash was caused by a man pulling in front of a semi-truck and forcing it to stop suddenly in the middle of the road. The driver believed to have been at fault reportedly pulled in front of the semi-truck after a rock, which he believed came from the back of the truck, cracked his windshield. After pulling in front of the truck he proceeded to stop his vehicle while still on the interstate. This forced the truck to stop as well. Unfortunately, the victim did not have enough time to react and her car slammed into the back of the tractor-trailer. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The Georgia State Patrol arrested the driver of the front-most vehicle. He is being held in a county jail…

Drunk Driving Accident Kills Georgia Motorcyclist

Large cities never truly sleep, and cities in Georgia are no exception. There is a constant flow of traffic at all hours of the night and day, although some hours are certainly more active than others. Unfortunately, that also means that car accidents can occur at all times for a variety of reasons. Accidents caused by drunk driving are not an uncommon cause of late-night traffic jams. These accidents, while always terrible occurrences, are made worse when lives are lost. Such was the case in Georgia on August 24th around 4 a.m. when a motorcyclist was struck by a car at an intersection. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities speculate that the victim, a local bartender for a Vietnamese-Creole restaurant, was stopped at the intersection when he was struck from behind by an SUV. The collision caused the motorcycle and its driver to be dragged for several feet and…

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