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5 Reasons People Declare Consumer Bankruptcy

The number of bankruptcies that take place in America is alarming. According to the United States Courts, nearly 13 million Americans declared consumer bankruptcy from 2005 to 2017. The fact that so many people cannot pay off their debts is alarming. It is important to understand the reasons why millions of people file for personal bankruptcy. Here are some key causes of consumer bankruptcy in the United States. 1. Credit card debt Debt that accumulates via credit cards can be uncontrollable. The risk of obtaining massive credit debt is higher with creditors who charge significant interest rates. The reasons people build up credit card debt range from irresponsible spending to financial catastrophes. 2. Job loss Losing a job can easily cause someone to declare bankruptcy, especially if he or she does not have an emergency fund to cover living expenses. Sudden job terminations and layoffs can make it difficult to cover food, rent or mortgage,…

Making a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Work for Your Business

For those looking to eliminate debts and seek financial stability, bankruptcy can be very helpful. Particularly if you are a small business owner, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be worth considering. There are a few key facts that you should know about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy so that you may get the most out of it. Business and individual People can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for personal purposes, or for their businesses. Therefore, the type of business is an important consideration when determining how to file. For a sole proprietorship, the business and business owner are one, so a personal filing covers the individual and business. On the other hand, a limited liability company separates the person and business, so to dissolve all responsibility to the company, the owner would have to file a personal and business bankruptcy. Requirements The different bankruptcy types have their own set requirements. Before embarking upon the filing process, it would…

3 Ways to Eliminate Holiday Credit Card Debt

If you overspent during the holidays, you might find yourself wondering how you can get your credit card debts under control. Though it may seem as if there is nothing you can do to make your debts more manageable, it is possible for you to get a handle on your holiday credit card debt. Here are ways to eliminate your debts. 1. Create a plan If you want to pay off your credit card debt as fast as possible, Consumer Reports suggests creating a plan. Write down your minimum payments and monthly expenses. Determine the amount of extra money you have leftover. If it is not enough to make a difference, look for ways you can eliminate excess spending. Calculate how much money you can comfortably push toward your credit card debts. 2. Pay more than the minimum If you can afford to pay more than your minimum payments, do it. If…

Overcoming the Shame of Credit Card Debt

If you are struggling to pay your credit card bills, mortgage payments, and other monthly expenses, you are not alone. Many people in Macon are also experiencing financial problems that interfere with their ability to make timely payments to their creditors. As burdensome and embarrassing as it can be for you to have credit card debt, your emotions may be preventing you from developing healthy financial habits. If you are currently working and earning income, you may be able to catch up on your payments. If not, there may be other options available. Learn how to overcome the shame often associated with credit card debt so you can take action to improve your financial situation. Assess your situation Evaluate your financial behavior so you can understand why you are in this situation. If you do not have a good understanding of how to manage your finances, you may have trouble…

Does Bankruptcy Mean I Will Lose My House?

Residents of Georgia who face a debt cycle that has become insurmountable often fret about their options. While bankruptcy is well known as a last resort, many do not understand it fully, leading them to attempt credit solutions that don't necessarily help to stop the cycle because they only consolidate debt. The fact is, when it comes to actual relief from your debts, bankruptcy is the only legal measure that operates consistently, with clear and transparent expectations. Bankruptcy and assets The first thing to understand about how bankruptcy affects assets like your home is to understand that there are many different types. Some are available only to businesses, but there are two that individual consumers can generally avail themselves of. Those are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Filing for Chapter 7 This is the image of bankruptcy that many have in their minds, if their image of the process is…

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