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How Georgia Uber, Lyft Accidents Differ From Other Car Accidents

Car accidents involving rideshare vehicles, such as Lyft and Uber, are on the rise in Georgia. Uber opened in Atlanta in 2012. Lyft arrived two years later, in 2014. We often hear about the many benefits of the rideshare industry. They provide efficient and affordable transportation. While these rideshare services are generally safe, they have increased the number of accidents, including fatalities, on Georgia roadways. Georgia accidents involving the two primary rideshare services, Uber and Lyft, raise unique legal questions. These questions generally concern who is financially responsible when accidents do occur. With the possibility of multiple parties being at fault and overlapping insurance companies, the answer to these questions depends on the unique circumstances of each accident. This article will review the current legal landscape and answer many of your questions concerning a Georgia Uber or Lyft accident. If you have any additional questions, contact Dozier Law for a…

Georgia Car Accident Claim Process

If you are involved in a Georgia car accident claim, this article will help you understand what to expect. There are three phases to your claim, evidence gathering, negotiation, and a potential lawsuit. The process can take some time. Although everyone works efficiently to resolve your claim as soon as possible, it is necessary to be thorough at each phase of the process to ensure that your interests are fully protected, and your monetary compensation maximized. Georgia has seen a disturbing increase in car accident fatalities in recent years. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) reports 1,588 fatal car crashes on Georgia roads in 2020. This represents the single deadliest year since 2007. There were 331,797 Georgia car accidents in total in 2020. This represents a decrease from the previous year. GDOT maintains that the best way to avoid accidents and catastrophic injuries is to follow three basic rules. First,…

Common Causes Of Georgia Car Accidents

Over the past decade, car manufacturers have added to their vehicles an increasing number of features designed to keep you safe. Backup cameras, emergency braking, and lane-keep assist are just some of the features commonly included these days to prevent collisions. Airbag systems and vehicle structure have also improved to provide greater protection in case of an accident. Despite all of these advances, car accident fatalities and severe injuries still happen more than you might think. Notably, Georgia’s roadways saw a surge in car accident fatalities in 2020 even though fewer vehicles were on the roads due to the pandemic. This suggests that there was a spike in dangerous driving behaviors. But other reasons such as driver negligence could have led to these incidents. For those who are injured from a car accident, there is a good chance that someone’s negligence is involved – and that matters for purposes of…

Fatal Albany, Georgia Accident Results in Multiple Deaths

In August, a fatal three-car wreck occurred at Madison Street and Gaines Avenue in Albany, Georgia, leaving two people dead and five others injured. The accident occurred when one of the deceased attempted to pass another vehicle and side-swiped it before crashing head-on with a different driver. According to WALB News Albany, every person involved was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident — especially one that is not your fault — you are almost always entitled to some form of compensation. How much you receive, however, depends on several factors. One of these factors pertains to how effective your treatment is, which means it is important for you to finish any treatment before seeking compensation. Dozier Law firm, a team of experts in helping clients affected by motor vehicle accidents obtain compensation, explains. “It is important to get a complete…

3 Killed in Car Accident With Police Cruiser

In Union City, three people lost their lives and four more suffered injuries after a recent crash involving a van and a police car. Purportedly, the officer was in pursuit of a stolen car when the car accident occurred. The collision caused both vehicles to catch fire. The collision occurred on Jonesboro Road on the night of Sunday, Nov. 11. According to the Georgia State Police, the officer started chasing the suspected stolen car on Highway 138. Purportedly, a white work van carrying six occupants then attempted to enter the highway by making a left-hand turn. At this point, the police cruiser collided with the van, knocking it on its side, before both vehicles burst into flames. Although the accident is still under investigation, no details were given in the report as to whether the officer had his emergency lights or siren on as he was pursuing the stolen vehicle. The…

Tips to Strengthen your Personal Injury Case After a Crash

It is certainly not pleasant to think about, but there are many ways to suffer an injury in a car crash. You could be the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, a drunk driver, someone who was speeding, or someone whose car suddenly blew a tire. Your first responsibility will be to yourself: Seek medical help immediately. When your thoughts clear a bit, remember that you will be seeking compensation for any injuries you might have, and the more help you can give to the personal injury attorney you engage, the stronger your case will be. Record details You must report the accident to the police. While you wait for them to arrive, write down information about how the accident happened. Include details about the crash site, noting the names on street signs or highway signs and other pertinent descriptors. Make notes about the weather conditions and…

Suing Your Own Driver for Damages in Georgia

Unlike many states across the U.S., Georgia does not subscribe to no-fault insurance coverage. Drivers who are found to be at fault for causing the accident may be sued by any injured party, including passengers in their own car, under most conditions. This blog post will explain how "comparative fault" insurance works in Georgia and the ways to file a personal injury liability insurance claim for compensation. How Georgia's modified comparative fault laws work The first insurance matter to be settled in any motor vehicle accident on a Georgia road will be to determine which driver was at fault and whether both drivers may have shared some percentage of responsibility. If one driver is held 100 percent liable for causing the accident, then his or her insurance will be responsible for covering all liability damages paid to injured parties, including passengers in their own vehicle. However, if the other driver is determined to share some of the fault, 20 percent for example, then…

How Does the Theory of Negligent Entrustment Work?

The act of teenagers borrowing the family car can be considered a rite of passage in many American families. Most of the time this happens, the result is harmless. But on occasion, something can go terribly wrong and an accident ensues that harms others. In such instances, the question can come up whether those who actually owned the car were negligent in allowing another person to drive it. This question comes under the legal theory known as "negligent entrustment." In Georgia, courts have defined negligent entrustment of a motor vehicle to be when an automobile owner lends his or her car to another person (it does not have to be a family member) to someone whom he or she knows (that is, has actual knowledge) is incompetent to drive or is otherwise habitually reckless. The negligence on the part of the vehicle owner in lending it to someone who should…

Georgia Woman Dies in Rear-End Collision

A multi-vehicle traffic accident on the evening of Nov. 6 left one woman dead and another person injured in Dougherty County. A third man involved in the collision received a traffic citation and may face additional criminal charges related to the fatal crash as well. According to information released by investigators with the Dougherty County Police, the three-car accident occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m. at the intersection of Liberty Expressway and Holly Drive in Albany. Witnesses claim the 43-year-old Mitchell County woman driving a black Volkswagen Beetle was stopped at a red light when her vehicle was rear-ended by a red van driven by a 72-year-old Montgomery County man. The force of the impact then caused the Volkswagen to strike another black vehicle in front of it driven by a 34-year-old Ocklocknee's Ford woman. Bystanders rushed to assist the victims, pulling the 34-year-old woman from her vehicle, but they found…

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