Month: January 2016

Georgia drunk driving statistics are sobering

Every Georgia resident knows that drunk driving is illegal. Unfortunately, countless Georgians continue to get behind the wheel of their cars or trucks after drinking enough alcohol to put them over the legal limit. Even though many make it to their destinations without incident, many do not, and drunk driving-related accidents are often the result. Many of those accidents leave victims seriously injured, while others leave families facing futures without their loved ones. According to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2003 to 2012, almost 3,700 people were killed in accidents that involved drunk drivers in the state of Georgia. The statistics also show that those between the ages of 21 and 34 were more likely to die in drunk driving accidents than Georgians in other age ranges. Additionally, men are slightly more likely to die in alcohol-related crashes than women. Due to these startling numbers…

Professional Help After A Georgia Truck Accident

Anyone who has driven down Interstate 75 knows how many tractor-trailers are on the roads in Georgia. Unfortunately, a large number of semi-trucks on the roads often means an equally large number of truck accidents. If you or someone you love suffered injuries in a truck accident in the Macon area, you can turn to Dozier Law Firm, LLC, for help pursuing personal injury compensation. Pursuing compensation after a truck accident is different from pursuing compensation after a car accident. The main difference lies in the insurance company handling the claim. As most trucks belong to large trucking companies, their insurance companies are large and have access to teams of attorneys whose only jobs are to limit the amounts paid to claimants. In addition to having teams of lawyers, large insurance companies also have networks of resources they use to try to diminish liability. At our law firm, we have…

Compensating for the cost of a funeral in Georgia

It goes without saying, and yet we have to acknowledge, there is no true compensation for the loss of a loved one. This is especially true in the event of a wrongful death, an untimely fatal accident that happened because of the negligence or recklessness of another person, persons or company. While there is no compensation you would trade for the chance to have your loved one back, there are numerous expenses that simultaneously occur as a result of a wrongful death. These are expenses you should not be left with. When someone dies, there is often a loss of income. If that person worked and was a contributor to the family, an unexpected stop in that income can cause a domino effect of hardships. Add to that the expenses incurred from the accident, whether they are vehicle repairs or replacement, medical expenses, care flight or ambulance bills, counseling or therapy…

What Should I Expect as My Child Awakes From a Coma After a TBI?

If you have been in an accident with your child in the car, there is a chance that he or she has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Depending upon the injury's lasting effects, you probably feel like you have an unlit road ahead of you and few resources to help shed some light. It is a time full of sorrow and frustration, but hopefully, you will find some joy in the accomplishments your child will make as he or she relearns a new way to do once routine tasks. There are different phases of a child's full or partial recovery from a TBI. The first is the acute phase and is the time when children wake from their comas. This is a great time to have familiar items in the room, like favorite stuffed animals, music from home, and pictures of loved ones. Whether your child emerges from the coma aware…

A new year should not bring fallout from a drunk driver

As the holiday season draws to an end and we welcome 2016, we all look to the future with expectations of improvement and resolution to do better, enjoy more and get things right. But what if we aren't given the chance? Or what if someone we love isn't able to? What if you or a loved one's life is changed forever because you were on the roads on New Year's Eve and so was a driver who had celebrated a little too much and made the poor decision to get behind the wheel, heading to another party or on a beer run or perhaps home, that decision will become a costly one, for them and for the strangers in the car they involve, leaving lasting devastation on countless people's lives. Using victim in an encompassing sense?including families who must cope with either the pain or death of one they cherish?if…

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