Month: April 2018

Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After Child Dies at Day Camp

Summer is fast approaching, and some Georgia residents are dreading the heat, while others are looking forward to it. Many parents and children are getting ready for various camps and activities that will begin with at the end of the school year. While most of the time these camps and activities are a source of fond memories, occasionally they are plagued by tragic events. The parents of a 5-year-old boy filed a wrongful death suit after their son died while under the care of camp counselors in July, 2017. The child attended a local day camp at a nature center with 12 other campers and well as three camp counselors on the day that he died. The campers were taken on a short hike and fed lunch before being allowed to play in some nearby shallow water under the supervision of the counselors. Unfortunately, the adults failed to notice the little boy as…

Unique Issues in Injuries to a Minor

Dealing with an injury caused by the negligent acts of others can be stressful. These feelings are magnified when an injury happens to your child. No legal remedy can completely compensate for the physical and emotional toll. But a personal injury claim may provide monetary reparations for the medical bills, future care, and any lasting harm. There are a few things to keep in mind to build the strongest claim. The law regarding injury claims for minors By law, parents and guardians are allowed to file claims on behalf of the children they are responsible for. Should they win the case, the parent or guardian becomes the conservator of the financial settlement or funds awarded by the court or jury. This role comes with specific responsibilities outlined in the Georgia statute. In a nutshell, the money is earmarked for the minor child. Commonly, a special trust is set up to ensure that…

Car Collision Attributed to Drunk Driving

Drinking alcohol is a common practice among both men and women of various ages. Many of these individuals only drink in moderation or take proper precautions if they believe that they will become intoxicated and unable to drive. However, others take no such precautions and choose to attempt driving while intoxicated.  Georgia authorities were called on a recent Wednesday afternoon in response to an apparent drunk driving accident. This crash was a head-on collision between two vehicles. Witnesses told authorities that one of the drivers was seen exiting a liquor store before getting into his car and driving erratically. This driver was observed weaving in and out of traffic and eventually veered into oncoming traffic. Although she was unsuccessful, the driver of the second vehicle attempted to swerve out of the oncoming driver's path, hoping to avoid a collision. Authorities say the driver was so intoxicated that he was unable to…

Charges Expected After Motorcycle Accident

Most drivers, at some point, have experienced the feeling of being temporarily blinded by another vehicle's headlights or by the glare of light reflecting off of another surface. Occasionally, drivers swerve or suddenly slow down when their sense of sight is suddenly impaired, but often drivers are able to maintain control of their vehicles. Sometimes, however, other vehicles become involved and a crash occurs. The Georgia State Patrol responded to reports of a motorcycle accident earlier this month caused by similar circumstances. On the evening of Sunday, April 1, the driver of a car was caught unawares by a glare. The driver reacted to it, and a motorcyclist crashed into the larger vehicle. A passenger was riding on the back of the motorcycle, and she was thrown from the vehicle. She was caught between the two vehicles and then dragged by a third. Unfortunately, the motorcycle passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. …

Woman Could be Charged After Motorcycle Accident

As the weather begins to warm up, motorcyclists across the country are hitting the road. This also means that other drivers, as well as the cyclists, must be mindful of their surroundings. Unfortunately, a lack of attention recently contributed to a motorcycle accident in Georgia that resulted in one death. The accident occurred on I-75 and involved two vehicles, a motorcycle, and a small four-door vehicle. Upon exiting the interstate, the driver of the car continued across the highway and struck a southwest-bound motorcycle. It was determined that the vehicle driver was attempting to re-enter the interstate. The motorcyclist was struck by the front driver's side door of the car. Sadly, the motorcyclist died as a result of his injuries. Authorities are still investigating other possible causes of the crash. The driver of the car may face multiple charges pending the results of the investigation. For many motorcyclists, spring is a favorite time…

5-Car Pileup the Result of Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, it seems that far too many drivers in Georgia these days are choosing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Despite increased education and public awareness, drunk driving continues to be a real problem across the state. Those that drive while under the influence of alcohol endanger the lives of all those around them. Statistically, a person is killed in an accident with a drunk driver every 40 minutes in the United States. A recent accident in Covington made headlines after an alleged intoxicated driver crashed and caused a five-car pileup. The accident occurred during the morning hours at the intersection of Highways 278 and 142. According to witnesses, the alleged intoxicated driver approached the intersection at a high rate of speed and struck the rear of a vehicle that was sitting at the intersection traffic light. Reports say the collision set off a chain-reaction crash that involved four other vehicles that were stopped at the light. A driver…

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