What You Should Do If You Witness A Car Accident

If you spend any significant amount of time behind the wheel in the Peach State, then you may end up witnessing an accident. It is important to understand that if you witness an accident, there are some things you should know before you get involved. By the same token, if you do decide to get involved, then there are things you can do to protect yourself and ensure that you are not held liable if the unexpected happens.

The attorneys at Dozier Law have handled hundreds of car accident cases and are here to answer any questions if you have witnessed or were involved in a car accident. If you need to speak to an attorney about a car accident or any other personal injury matter, reach out to us today by calling (888) 239-2129 or by contacting us online.

Prioritize Your Safety First

If you witness an accident, it is important that you first ensure that you are in a safe place and not in the way of emergency personnel. If you are near the vehicles involved in the crash, you will want to maintain a safe distance as they may catch on fire at any moment. Vehicles involved in a car accident may have also caused debris to be strewn all over the road. Being alert and aware of your surroundings and not placing yourself in jeopardy unnecessarily should always be at the forefront of your mind following a car accident.

Georgia’s Good Samaritan Law

If you witness an accident and decide to render aid to those involved, then you may be worried about liability should something happen while you are trying to help. Georgia’s Good Samaritan Law says that if you intervene in good faith in an emergency situation, then you are shielded from legal liability should something go wrong. In other words, if in the course of helping a crash victim, you inadvertently cause an injury, then you may be protected under the Good Samaritan Law from being held liable.

Contact Emergency Responders

The most helpful thing you can do if you witness a car accident is to call 911 immediately. Emergency responders are trained to handle these situations and will be able to give the appropriate aid when they arrive. While you may want to provide assistance to the victims as soon as reasonably possible, you should first ensure that emergency responders have been contacted, informed of the crash location, and given information about possible injuries to the drivers or occupants.

Do Not Take Unnecessary Risks

If you do decide to render aid, do not put yourself in a position where you can become injured. This will only complicate an already dangerous situation for emergency responders and may possibly prevent them from reaching those involved in the crash. For example, attempting to flip over a car that has landed on its roof may not only cause additional injuries to the vehicle occupants, but it may result in shattered glass which can cut you and innocent bystanders. If you are unsure of what to do, wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

Take Photos And Record Video

Another helpful action you can take if you have witnessed a car accident is to take photos and videos of the crash scene. This evidence may be valuable to the crash victims and may even be used to clear your name if somehow you are accused of contributing to the cause of the accident. Again, you should only take photos or videos if it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Talk To The Police

In most cases, the police will eventually arrive at a car accident scene. When they do, it is important that you speak with them and let them know what you saw. You should also provide them with your contact information in the event they need to speak with you at a later date. The information you provide the police may end up in a police report, which could help hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. You can also expect to be contacted by the drivers’ lawyers if a legal claim is filed in connection with the accident.

Georgia Car Accident Lawyers

If you have witnessed a car accident that caused injuries, you may wind up being involved in the impending legal claim. If this happens, then you will want to ensure that your rights are protected and that you don’t say or do anything that could place your interests in jeopardy. The lawyers at Dozier Law are here to provide you with guidance and to see to it that you do not put yourself in harm’s way. If you have questions about a car accident case, reach out to our team by calling (888) 239-2129 or by contacting us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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