Month: March 2019

Locals Request Changes After Fatal Truck Accident

In many communities, local residents know exactly where dangerous intersections and roads are located. These are areas where traffic accidents happen frequently and often are a source of contention between the people who have to often utilize them and transportation officials. This is what some residents in Georgia say tied into a recent fatal truck accident that has resulted in criminal charges for the driver that authorities say is responsible. Officials say that the accident happened when a semitrailer pulled into traffic in an attempt to make a left turn. The truck allegedly ended up blocking traffic, causing a driver to crash into it. Though the man was rushed to a local hospital, he did not survive. The driver of the truck has been charged with second-degree vehicular homicide, failure to yield, and obstruction of an intersection. Workers in the area around the crash claim that a traffic light could have…

Car Accident Claims 1 Life, Leaves Another Injured

Motor vehicle accidents can change a life in an instant. They can leave families with so many questions as they struggle to deal with the aftermath. When a car accident results in injury or death, victims and their loved ones can have their entire world turned upside down. This may be the case in the recent death of a Georgia man who was the victim of a head-on collision. Officials say that the accident occurred on a recent morning. A westbound car on a local road veered into oncoming traffic. The car struck an eastbound vehicle, head-on. The driver in the eastbound car died instantly on the scene. The woman believed responsible for the accident was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries. At this time, investigators are still attempting to determine exactly what caused the crash. There is no word on whether impairment or distraction was a…

Driver Broken Down in Georgia Suffers Fatality in Car Accident

Understandably, it's stressful when a vehicle breaks down en route to a particular destination. It's not always possible to safely pull off the road in such circumstances. In fact, vehicle occupants may be at risk for injury as they attempt to make car repairs or otherwise address the problem. A recent car accident in Georgia involved numerous vehicles, one of which was a disabled car whose headlights weren't functioning. It was just after 9 p.m. on a recent Tuesday when the 40-year-old driver of a vehicle became stranded in the right lane. Moments later, a tractor-trailer collided with two other cars on the road, which led to a second collision when one or both of those vehicles slammed into the stranded car. Sadly, the driver of the car and a 59-year-old driver in one of the other cars were killed. Others who suffered injuries in the collisions and were transported to…

Grand Jury Indicts Man for Drunk Driving

People who drink before driving often think they are fine to drive and will be able to get to their destination with no problem. However, they can spend a lifetime paying the consequences for drunk driving should it be the cause of injury or death to another person. Drunk driving is said to be the reason a man has been indicted in the death of a Georgia police officer. A report stated the man had caused a head-on collision as he was driving his pickup truck the wrong way on Interstate 16 around 2:30 a.m. one morning in May 2018. Among those responding to the accident was a 37-year-old police officer. He remained inside his patrol vehicle with the lights turned on and parked so that traffic would detour to an exit off the interstate. A tractor-trailer hit the patrol car and injured the officer, who died not long after from…

Woman Injured in Bizarre Alleged Drunk Driving Incident

There are times when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs causes a lot of physical damage and not just to other cars on the road. Other people can be injured or killed and damage to trees or buildings can take place in a drunk driving situation. One Georgia couple recently learned all too well the destruction drunk driving can cause. Around 2:30 a.m. the couple, both 72 years of age, sat in their living room watching television when a car burst through the outer wall of the room. The couple and their furniture sailed into the next room, where the wife was severely injured. She was airlifted to the trauma center of a hospital approximately 60 miles away and was diagnosed with bleeding on the brain. Doctors believe she will only need to be admitted for a few days and they plan to release her. Her husband was not…

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