Tips to Strengthen your Personal Injury Case After a Crash

It is certainly not pleasant to think about, but there are many ways to suffer an injury in a car crash. You could be the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, a drunk driver, someone who was speeding, or someone whose car suddenly blew a tire.
Your first responsibility will be to yourself: Seek medical help immediately. When your thoughts clear a bit, remember that you will be seeking compensation for any injuries you might have, and the more help you can give to the personal injury attorney you engage, the stronger your case will be.

Record Details

You must report the accident to the police. While you wait for them to arrive, write down information about how the accident happened. Include details about the crash site, noting the names on street signs or highway signs and other pertinent descriptors. Make notes about the weather conditions and what direction each of the vehicles was going. Describe your injuries as you know them at this point. With the exception of your attorney, do not make any statements about the accident to anyone, including the other driver’s insurance company.

Snap Photos

If you have not had any reason to use the camera in your smartphone for a while, this is your chance. Take pictures of the car damage from all angles, and shoot photos of the crash site. Ask someone to take pictures of your injuries.

Start a Medical Diary

Be sure to keep a journal about your injuries and the medical care you receive. Add the names and addresses of your doctors and other health care providers, and keep your receipts for medications and for any devices you need, such as a pair of crutches.

Handling Insurance Companies

The other driver’s insurance company will want to limit any financial compensation which they owe you. Please step back and allow your personal injury attorney to work with their legal team. With the help of the valuable accident notes and photos you provide, your lawyer’s goal will be to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

Georgia Car Accident Lawyers

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