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Georgia DUI Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have been harmed because of a DUI accident in Georgia, you could talk with a DUI accident injury lawyer. These professionals can help ensure you know your legal rights and how to bring an effective lawsuit or insurance claim. Dozier Law has substantial experience helping injury victims get the compensation they deserve. We are here when you need us. To get started, reach out to Dozier Law for a free consultation by calling (888) 239-2129 or contacting us online. Drunk driving is a problem that can affect all of us. In 2020, there were over 12,000 DUI convictions in Georgia. When the DUI ends up in an accident, injuries can be severe. If a drunk driver injured you, you might be entitled to compensation. Damages Available If you are injured in a DUI-related accident, you may be able to receive monetary compensation for your injuries. You may be…

Drunk Driving Can Hurt Those Closest To You

When Georgia residents hear about a bad accident involving drinking and driving, it may be natural to imagine that a vehicle operated by an inebriated driver crashed into another. While this is often the case, a drunk driving fatality can also result from a single-vehicle accident. A recent case illustrates the repercussions of how driving under the influence can have especially personal consequences. Preliminary information establishes that a 20-year-old Georgia man was under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of his vehicle. After hitting several trees, the vehicle came to rest on an embankment beside the roadway. The driver suffered serious injuries, but his 20-year-old female passenger fared far worse. She was killed as a result of injuries suffered in the crash. Police say she was thrown from the vehicle as it spun out of control. After being treated for his injuries, the driver was arrested and taken to…

Drunk Driving Incident Injures Police Officer

In the wake of recent events, people all over the United States are gathering with other members of their communities to raise awareness and exercise their rights to peacefully protest. Georgia residents have organized in several cities to make their voices heard. People should be aware, however, that if an individual breaks the law during a similar public gathering, he or she can be charged with a crime. Recently, a man was arrested for a drunk driving accident that injured a police officer. Witnesses and investigators say that a police officer was in an intersection, directing traffic in an effort to keep the crowds of people and motorists on the streets safe and organized. Suddenly, a man went speeding through the intersection where the officer was stationed on an ATV. He then turned around and sped back through, striking the traffic officer in the process. The officer was seriously injured, and the…

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