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Georgia DUI Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have been harmed because of a DUI accident in Georgia, you could talk with a DUI accident injury lawyer. These professionals can help ensure you know your legal rights and how to bring an effective lawsuit or insurance claim. Dozier Law has substantial experience helping injury victims get the compensation they deserve. We are here when you need us. To get started, reach out to Dozier Law for a free consultation by calling (888) 239-2129 or contacting us online. Drunk driving is a problem that can affect all of us. In 2020, there were over 12,000 DUI convictions in Georgia. When the DUI ends up in an accident, injuries can be severe. If a drunk driver injured you, you might be entitled to compensation. Damages Available If you are injured in a DUI-related accident, you may be able to receive monetary compensation for your injuries. You may be…

Drunk Driving Incident Injures Police Officer

In the wake of recent events, people all over the United States are gathering with other members of their communities to raise awareness and exercise their rights to peacefully protest. Georgia residents have organized in several cities to make their voices heard. People should be aware, however, that if an individual breaks the law during a similar public gathering, he or she can be charged with a crime. Recently, a man was arrested for a drunk driving accident that injured a police officer. Witnesses and investigators say that a police officer was in an intersection, directing traffic in an effort to keep the crowds of people and motorists on the streets safe and organized. Suddenly, a man went speeding through the intersection where the officer was stationed on an ATV. He then turned around and sped back through, striking the traffic officer in the process. The officer was seriously injured, and the…

Woman Charged with Drunk Driving After Interstate Accident

Impaired driving can cause irreparable and lifelong damage. Those who have lost a family member or friend as a result of drunk driving have a hole in their lives that can never quite be filled. A 73-year-old Georgia woman has been charged with drunk driving and other allegations for a recent interstate accident. According to the state patrol report, the woman stopped her Chevrolet Impala for unknown reasons in the middle of her lane on I-75. A tractor-trailer had been behind her and tried to go around the car but was unable to completely avoid hitting it. The Impala was thrown into a Honda Accord that was parked off the road in the emergency lane, pushing the Honda onto the interstate. The tractor-trailer and the Honda collided, pinning the sedan under the truck. The truck driver and an 8-year-old male passenger in the Honda escaped injury, but the others in…

Possible Drunk Driving Causes Crash on HOV Lane

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes have become popular in Georgia and elsewhere around the country. Sometimes HOV lanes are designated by a white diamond on the road and other times they are separated roadways that control the direction of traffic with the use of barriers. The barrier controlled lane of I-75 was the site of a head-on crash that is thought to be the result of drunk driving. A driver entered the HOV lane going in the wrong direction at about 6 a.m. one recent morning. The driver, who is believed to have been drunk, crashed through nine barriers driving south into northbound traffic. The southbound driver crashed head-on into a northbound car. Another northbound vehicle rear-ended the car that had been hit head-on. The drivers of the three vehicles involved were transported to local hospitals. Their conditions are unknown. According to police reports, the HOV lane has been open…

Police Arrest Woman After Drunk Driving Collision

Many drivers who drink before heading out on the road do not believe they will cause an accident, and still, others do not care whether they do or not. Drunk driving not only puts the driver at risk, but it also puts any passengers as well as others on the road in danger. One Georgia woman got more than she bargained for when she was arrested for drunk driving. According to a report, the woman veered from the lane in which she was driving and into oncoming traffic. She crashed head-on into a car traveling in that lane. The three young people in the car she hit were able to jump out of their car just before it went off the road and down a steep hill. All three suffered minor injuries but were able to walk away from the scene. When police arrived and began questioning the woman, they discovered…

Drunk Driving Blamed for Death of Passenger

Even after many years of pleas from law enforcement and those who have lost a loved one by someone who drives after drinking, the problem still looms large all over the country. Getting busted over one drunk driving incident also does not necessarily stop some from becoming repeat offenders. Georgia State Patrol joined city police in the chase to stop a drunk driving suspect but was unsuccessful until his actions are said to have killed a passenger in his car. According to the GSP, an officer attempted to pull the 30-year-old driver over for an undisclosed violation. The driver would not stop, resulting in the officer calling for backup. The chase took the vehicles onto Interstate 85, but the vehicle crashed when the driver could not negotiate the curve on an exit ramp. One of the passengers in the speeding vehicle had served in the National Guard before departing for medical reasons.…

Drunk Driving Accident Kills Man on His Way to Work

Traffic in Georgia seems to have reached an all-time high in the last week. Roadways are packed with people driving up from Florida in order to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma. Unfortunately, with more people on the roads, small accidents are taking a greater toll on the flow of traffic. The increased number of drivers also means that drunk driving accidents are more likely to cause serious harm. Last Saturday a young father was killed by a drunk driver. The victim's car was T-boned at an intersection on his commute to work. After the accident, the driver of the other vehicle was arrested. He has been charged with DUI and driving without a license. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that drunk driving has affected this family. It was revealed later that a relative of the victim was also killed by a drunk driver. The family has set up…

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