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Common Car Accident Injuries Can Be Prevented

Many Georgia drivers become involved in car accidents. While some accidents are minor, others could result in serious injuries. However, there are certain ways that a driver or other vehicle occupants may reduce the risk of common accident injuries. Common injuries that could leave a person temporarily or permanently disabled include head, neck, and brain injuries. A person may suffer a face, head, or brain injury if a collision causes the person's head to come into contact with a sharp or blunt object, such as a piece of glass from the windshield or the dashboard. These types of injuries can be prevented by properly installed front and side airbags. Additionally, people should try to wrap their arms around their head to form an emergency helmet. Other common crash injuries include neck, back, and leg injuries. Neck injuries can include whiplash and damage to the spinal cord. Back injuries can also…

U.S. runner dies in Georgia interstate accident

A 400m runner who took part in the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas on May 24 died in a car accident on the morning of July 28, authorities reported. According to the report, the 25-year-old University of Georgia track star helped the U.S. win the event and earned a gold medal for his performance. The accident took place on Interstate 75 near Cordele. According to the report, the man's vehicle blew a tire while he was traveling in the middle lane. He reportedly stopped and exited his vehicle before calling for help. Just before 1:45 a.m., a semitrailer collided with the runner's vehicle. The impact of the collision knocked the disabled vehicle into him. Authorities did not release the name of the truck driver who caused the accident. Additionally, it was not known if the authorities planned to file charges against the driver of the truck for his or…

Watch Out for Neck Pain, Brain Injuries After a Car Accident

Let's imagine the concept of a "moderate car accident" -- a wreck that does a fair amount of damage to the cars involved, and probably leaves one or two people with some injuries. Those injuries could be severe, but probably aren't. However, they are still injuries that will affect the person's life. Now, this context is a common result after a car accident. Most wrecks aren't the headline-grabbing, metal-twisting accidents that you hear about online or on TV. But even these more mundane accidents can cause serious problems for the victims. For example, there are many injuries that can be suffered in a car accident that are not immediately apparent. Neck pain and whiplash are common types of this kind of injury. A brain injury or concussion could be suffered as well, and even if it is a minor form of such an injury, the effects can still be debilitating. Headaches,…

Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Law Results in Higher Hospital Costs

Motorcycle helmet laws have long been a source of controversy. Safety advocates have argued they save lives and lessen injuries. Groups opposed claim they inhibit their ability to hear other vehicles and argue it is their right to choose to wear a helmet. In Georgia, all motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet. In other states, helmet laws have been enacted, repealed, reenacted, and amended. Unlike many states, Georgia's helmet law has remained unchanged since 1969. Michigan repealed its helmet law in 2012, with only riders younger than 21 being required to wear a helmet. A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute has found that in the last year, hospital costs have increased by 34 percent for motorcycle accidents. According to the report, the average insurance payment on a motorcycle injury claim increased by $1,847 over claims made in the two years prior to the repeal. Since helmets…

New Guidelines Issued for Concussion Injuries for Athletes

Concussions, especially in sport-related situations, used to be looked at as minor and trivial. If you got up and brushed yourself off, the goal was to get back into the game as soon as possible. Most athletes, and certainly young teens, who are sensitive to the importance of maximizing playing time, could feel pressure to return to the field. There is a growing body of research that indicates that concussions, while not all leading to traumatic brain injury, nonetheless, are not the minor, non-event, that many have been treated as over the years. The ABC news story discusses a girl playing soccer, who suffered three blows to the head within a few days, and ends up "disoriented and having memory lapses." While the coaching staff did not suggest seeing a doctor, the girl eventually told her parents what she was feeling and they took her to a doctor, where she was…

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