Lawsuit Filed in Alleged Reckless Driving Crash

According to the video timeline, the bus driver hit a mailbox, swerved into the oncoming traffic lane, and increased his speed, all while driving with one hand, holding a cup between his legs, and not wearing his seat belt — all in the span of 11 minutes. The video cuts off before the actual crash but does show that, because the driver was not wearing his seat belt, he slid off the seat and was not able to control the bus to the point where it could stay on the road. The bus crashed into a tree, killing the driver. Details on the students’ injuries were not given in a report, but all seven injured children were taken to a nearby hospital where six were released soon after treatment. The seventh child was airlifted to a medical facility in the state capital.

Toxicology and autopsy reports showed there were no medical reasons why the driver was so erratic in his handling of the vehicle. There were no recent traffic violations on his employment report, but it was noted that, on the morning of the crash, he was running late because the bus he normally drove needed repair and he had to switch to another bus. The lawsuit names as defendants the estate of the driver and the school system’s superintendent, among others. They are asking for over $3 million in compensation.

Reckless driving is not safe, whether or not anyone is hurt. The potential for tragedy exists for anyone who is in the path of someone who does not use the utmost care when behind the wheel. Georgia residents who have been injured or who have to watch loved ones suffer as a result of injury can contact an attorney who will inform them of their rights to pursue legal action.

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