Understanding the Different Kinds of Burns

Electrical burns may require emergency care

Lightning, household current, high-voltage wires, and stun guns can cause electrical burns. An injury of this kind might cause damage to internal tissues, and the victim should be seen by a physician. Call 911 if the person seems confused, has trouble breathing, is experiencing muscle spasms or seizures, or has suffered cardiac arrest.

Chemical burns can be caused by household products

There are many products around the home that could cause chemical burns such as bleach, ammonia, pool chlorination products, car battery acid, and even denture cleaners, and teeth whitening products. Symptoms range from irritation or redness in the skin to numbness or pain, and, if the chemicals have come in contact with your eyes, possible loss of vision.

Chemical burns are also a hazard for workers in various industries. Safety precautions to prevent injury include using chemicals in a well-ventilated area, storing them safely after use, leaving them in their original containers with warning labels attached, and wearing the appropriate kinds of protective clothing.

The arc flash phenomenon

An arc flash is caused when a flashover of electric current veers off course and arcs through the air, either from one conductor to another or directly to the ground. This can result in serious injury or death to someone who happens to be in close proximity to the event. An arc flash can be caused by many things, including faulty installation of equipment, material failure, corrosion, condensation, and dust. While these causes may seem innocuous, the perfect storm that results in an arc flash can be devastating to a bystander.

Legal help for burn injuries

Injuries from burns can be very serious; prolonged medical care and rehabilitation are sometimes required. If you have suffered a severe burn, attorneys who are experienced with personal injury, workplace accidents, and workers’ compensation claims may be of help.

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