Police officer injured in drunk driving accident

Consuming alcohol or drugs and then driving often causes great distress for a number of people. Should the driver cause an accident, he or she may spend time in jail, lose driving privileges and pay fines. Those injured in a drunk driving accident may have permanent or long-term debilitating injuries that adversely affect their everyday lives. A Georgia police officer was injured in an apparent drunk driving accident, and the man deemed responsible faces some serious charges as a result.

Approximately seven months ago around 11 p.m., the officer was parked in his service vehicle when a Jeep Wrangler crashed into it. His airbag deployed, and he ended up with a concussion and damage to his eardrum. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Jeep drove away after the collision, running a red light in the process. Eyewitnesses say the man was weaving back and forth on the road both before and after he hit the police officer. One of the witnesses followed the man as he left the scene and was able to guide police to the man’s residence. Police say he was threatening and belligerent and smelled of alcohol. He was arrested that night and has just recently been indicted on nine counts by a grand jury.

In drunk driving cases like this one, those who have been injured often have extensive medical bills, rehab costs and other related expenses. These types of bills can be a crushing blow to a family, particularly one that lives paycheck to paycheck. An award from a personal injury lawsuit can be just what these victims need to help pull them out of a situation where they feel they are drowning in medical debt. Anyone in Georgia confronting similar circumstances can consult an attorney to learn of their options for legal recourse.

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