Were You Injured by a Driver Speeding Through a Stop Sign?

Your airbags deployed, but you still suffered serious injuries. You are facing a long recovery and weeks of rehabilitation. Why did this have to happen?


Speeding endangers the perpetrator of this activity as well as other nearby motorists. According to statistics gathered by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, speeding has been a major cause of roadway fatalities in our country for more than 20 years, a contributing factor in about a third of those deaths.


Many drivers who are going faster than they should are simply running late. Most working people, especially, have busy schedules and try to cram too much into their 10- or 12-hour day. They jump in the car and end up speeding in order to make an appointment on time. Other drivers become frustrated when they are caught in slow traffic. When it finally clears, they speed to vent that frustration and make up for lost time.


There are many serious consequences of speeding. For example, the driver can easily lose control of the vehicle. He or she may become aware of an upcoming traffic problem but be unable to stop in time. Excessive speed may cause a more serious crash and more severe injuries, which is likely what happened in your four-way stop accident.


The NHTSA and other agencies interested in eliminating this kind of risky and aggressive behavior recommend giving speeding drivers plenty of room. Unfortunately, you were not in a position to avoid the collision that occurred at that four-way stop. Victims of drivers who speed can suffer catastrophic injuries and will have to file insurance claims for financial compensation to cover massive medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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