Will New Technology Cause A Motorcycle Accident Spike?

Georgia motorcycle enthusiasts can probably recall a story or two from the period of time in which they were learning to ride. Learning to drive a car is hard enough, but subtracting two wheels and safety features like seat belts and airbags require additional skills, like balance. New technology may level the playing field, making driving a motorcycle almost as simple as driving a car, but will this recent development lead to an increased potential for a motorcycle accident?

A major motorcycle manufacturer is touting a gyroscope that will eliminate the need for a rider to balance him or herself on a motorcycle. The part has not yet been mass-produced for resale, but the announcement is already making waves. According to the specifications released by the manufacturer, the device will allow a computer to automatically balance a motorcycle with no skill required by the driver at approximately 3 mph.

Though it may seem like a breakthrough in motorcycle safety, the gyroscopic technology may have an unforeseen downside. The gyroscope is being touted as a way to appeal to a larger audience, allowing most anyone to be able to stay balanced on a motorcycle regardless of experience or skill level. This could potentially lead to inexperienced riders thinking that safely maneuvering a motorcycle through traffic at highway speeds is an easy task.

Sometimes, a serious motorcycle accident is caused by the driver of another motorcycle. A driver may make dangerous errors like riding side by side in the same lane, speeding through a sharp turn or failing to brake in time to avoid obstacles. These mistakes can be deadly to bikers that become entangled in wrecks they did not cause. If a Georgia resident has been injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another party, he or she has every right to contact an attorney and discuss options for legal recourse.

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