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Will New Technology Cause A Motorcycle Accident Spike?

Georgia motorcycle enthusiasts can probably recall a story or two from the period of time in which they were learning to ride. Learning to drive a car is hard enough, but subtracting two wheels and safety features like seat belts and airbags require additional skills, like balance. New technology may level the playing field, making driving a motorcycle almost as simple as driving a car, but will this recent development lead to an increased potential for a motorcycle accident? A major motorcycle manufacturer is touting a gyroscope that will eliminate the need for a rider to balance him or herself on a motorcycle. The part has not yet been mass-produced for resale, but the announcement is already making waves. According to the specifications released by the manufacturer, the device will allow a computer to automatically balance a motorcycle with no skill required by the driver at approximately 3 mph. Though it…

Motorcycle Accident Leaves 2 Children Without Parents

Summer is creeping up on Georgia, and most residents are surely excited to enjoy some time outside. For motorcycle enthusiasts, the arrival of nice weather is a welcome event. Sadly, in spite of annual national campaigns regarding motorcycle awareness and safety, a driver in another vehicle can cause injury or death to even a seasoned motorcyclist. A recent motorcycle accident made headlines after the victims' personal details became public. According to local news outlets, a young couple on a motorcycle was stopped as they waited for an opportunity to safely make a left turn. Before they could do so, a driver following them in traffic failed to stop in time. She crashed into the motorcycle, sending it headfirst into another motorcycle in the oncoming lane. The driver of the second motorcycle did not suffer serious injuries, and neither did the woman that initially caused the crash, but the couple on the motorcycle…

Georgia Winters And Motorcycle Accidents

The front page WSB-TV website on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, displayed two prominent stories that are connected, although unintentionally. The lead banner headline relayed details of a winter weather advisory for the Atlanta area, including probable accumulation of snow. In another story, a video covered the story of I-75 closing due to a tragic motorcycle crash involving a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer truck. This blog post discusses the increased dangers of riding motorcycles in winter in Georgia. Increased Number Of Accidents In The Winter Months There is no question that all drivers and passengers face increased dangers during the winter months. The federal Department of Transporation (DOT) Highway Safety Administration reports that during a typical winter driving season across the United States, nearly 7,400 drivers and passengers lose their lives, and nearly 675,000 more are injured in crashes. Many can be directly related to adverse weather and road conditions. Although…

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