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Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After Child Dies at Day Camp

Summer is fast approaching, and some Georgia residents are dreading the heat, while others are looking forward to it. Many parents and children are getting ready for various camps and activities that will begin with at the end of the school year. While most of the time these camps and activities are a source of fond memories, occasionally they are plagued by tragic events. The parents of a 5-year-old boy filed a wrongful death suit after their son died while under the care of camp counselors in July, 2017. The child attended a local day camp at a nature center with 12 other campers and well as three camp counselors on the day that he died. The campers were taken on a short hike and fed lunch before being allowed to play in some nearby shallow water under the supervision of the counselors. Unfortunately, the adults failed to notice the little boy as…

Fatal Accidents in Popular Locations

It is widely believed that there are few things more tragic than the death of a child. Many residents of Georgia might have heard about a recent accident that resulted in the death of a small child. Fatal accidents that occur in public places, like shopping centers, can sometimes have a long-lasting effect on the memories of those who were involved in some way or on those who learned about it later. A young child was recently killed by a falling mirror while shopping for shoes with her family. The child was looking at some of the store's merchandise when the family reportedly heard a crash. One of the store's full-length mirrors was not properly secured and had fallen onto the little girl. Among the witnesses was one of the victim's older cousins. He told reporters that before the paramedics arrived his cousin had lost a significant amount of blood…

Mother of Stuntman Files Wrongful Death Suit

Action-packed television shows are among the most popular today. The audience members sit on the edge of their seats as they watch their favorite characters stand up to villains or fend off zombies. However, many viewers may not think about how these amazing shows are made. Actors put hours of work into creating the characters that audiences come to love, and their stuntmen put their bodies on the line to bring the action sequences to life. Even with the safety precautions taken by the production, a stuntman was killed while filming the show "The Walking Dead" in Georgia, and his mother has since filed a wrongful death suit. The stuntman died several months ago from injuries he suffered while performing a fall during filming. In the suit, the 33-year-old actor's mother claims that a low budget was responsible for what she claims were insufficient safety standards. she alleges that the pressure to…

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