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Options for Fighting Your SSD Denial

For disabled individuals, Social Security disability payments are quite beneficial. In fact, for some individuals, they are necessary to maintain a decent standard of living. If you received a denial after applying for SSD, it may be for reconcilable reasons. In such cases, you have a couple of choices for fighting your denial. Appeal The appeal process tends to be the more successful means for getting a new determination for an SSD claim. With an appeal, a local court reviews the submission to make a new decision. Local courts tend to be more apt to approve SSD claims. New claim With a new claim, you start the whole process again, which can be time-consuming but may be necessary for some situations. In many cases individuals make an accidental error, such as not providing certain information, that results in the denial. With a new claim, you are able to submit documentation and evidence to support…

Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance

The government provides assistance to various types of people in need. For individuals who have limiting conditions, social security disability insurance may be available. If you or a loved one is seeking social security disability, there are a few key things you need to understand in an effort to make the process as smooth as possible. Social security disability coverage The official term for Social Security coverage is Social Security Disability Insurance. This benefit is available to individuals who are not able to work due to medical conditions. There are certain disabilities that qualify for the coverage. Qualifications The Social Security Administration distributes the benefit and provides information on the requirements to qualify. One of the first things they look at and evaluate is your recent work and the duration of your work period. Depending upon those factors and a few others, including your age, you receive a certain amount of credits.…

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