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If you are injured on the job, you may be worried about how you will pay your medical bills and how you can afford to take the time off of work that you will require to heal. Thankfully, Georgia’s workers’ compensation program was designed to address these concerns and offset the financial burden on you and your family. What Is Workers’ Compensation? Workers’ compensation is a state program that financially assists workers who become injured on the job. The program provides benefits for medical and rehabilitative expenses and lost income caused by on-the-job injuries. Am I Eligible For Workers’ Compensation? The first thing you have to do to determine eligibility is to find out whether your employer is covered by Georgia’s workers’ compensation law. If your employer has three or more employees, they likely are required to hold workers’ compensation insurance. However, federal agencies, railroad carriers, farmworkers, and domestic servants…

How Workers’ Compensation Works In Georgia

If you sustained an injury or developed a health condition relating to your employment, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits under Georgia law. You may be eligible to receive coverage for your medical treatments as well as benefits to help you cover your bills when your injury limits your ability to work. Your employer does not have to be at fault for the injury or the condition. In fact, even a worker whose own actions contributed to the incident may still receive benefits. Job-related injuries The main requirement for coverage is that the injury or health condition stems from your job. For example, an injury may be covered if it occurs in the course of your employment; similarly, a condition should arise from job-related activities. Specifically, this includes injuries that happen while you are working. In Georgia, employment-sponsored activities such as company events or weekend retreats can also count…

Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits, Explained

For many employees who get hurt on the job, workers' comp is critical to their survival. That is why it is important that they understand the process of seeking compensation for their work-related injuries. One of the essential aspects of workers' compensation is the variance between the different types of benefits. There are three main types that employees should be aware of. Temporary total disability As the name indicates, temporary total disability provides disability benefits on a temporary basis for those individuals who become completely disabled due to an injury. This benefit is available for various types of injuries, including: Paralysis Brain injury Limb amputation Neurological disorder Total blindness According to the workers' compensation regulations, these benefits may last for up to 400 weeks, unless the accident results in a catastrophic injury. Under this benefit, workers receive up to two-thirds of their working wage. Permanent partial disability For those individuals who…

Injured While Driving A Truck In Georgia?

Truckers face a unique set of risks when they go to work each day. Not only are they driving massive vehicles across long distances and along busy highways, but they also are required to do heavy lifting as they unload and reload trailers. As a result, there's always been a higher number of Central Georgia trucker injuries than in other careers and professions in the state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that truckers suffer among the highest number of nonfatal injuries and work-related illnesses in the U.S. As a result, workers' compensation is likely to be something they need at some point during their career, and it's critical that they work with an expert legal professional in order to get their claims approved. Facts to Know About Workplace Safety for Truck Drivers The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently revealed data that proves that truckers are at a high risk of injuries while on the job.…

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