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What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

After you have been injured in an accident, hiring an attorney can be an intimidating process. You'll need to find an attorney who practices the type of law that applies to your case. Then you'll have to determine which one will advocate for your rights the best. Finally, you will have to trust them. For anyone, depending on someone they just met can be challenging. Anything you tell or show your attorney must remain with them. Understanding this attorney-client privilege can help you feel more comfortable trusting your attorney. As dedicated personal injury attorneys, the attorneys at Dozier Law can help you. Call 888-239-2129 to schedule your risk-free confidential consultation, or visit us online today. What Is Attorney-Client Privilege? The attorney-client privilege is one of the oldest privileges recognized today, dating back to the 16th century. Since then, rules have solidified attorney-client privilege as law and outlined specific characteristics of…

Avoid These Mistakes If You Have Been Injured

Have you or a loved one recently suffered an injury? Was another’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional harm to blame for what happened? If a business, individual, or even a government agency is at fault for your injuries and you are considering suing them for compensation, there are a few things you must be sure not to do if you want to protect the value of your case. This article will explain some common mistakes made by people injured and hoping to receive compensation from those responsible for their harm. If you or a family member is a victim of an injury caused by another’s actions or inactions, the attorneys at Dozier Law are always here to listen to your story and to help you pursue both justice and any and all compensation that you’re owed. Mistake #1 – Failing To Seek Medical Attention In Georgia, many personal injury lawsuits hinge…

Common Personal Injury Terms To Know

Attending the first meeting with an attorney after you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident can seem like an intimidating task at first. Know that we want you to feel completely comfortable working with us. The attorneys at Dozier Law strive to use easy-to-understand language when speaking with clients instead of using confusing legal jargon. But, there are occasions when we may need to use legal language, so you might be interested in becoming familiar with some of the terms that may come up during your free consultation. This article explains some of the most common legal terms relating to your personal injury case. Please don't be afraid to ask if you do not understand something at any time during your communications with our attorneys or anyone in your office. We would never expect anyone but attorneys to understand legal jargon as a matter of course.…

How Does A Personal Injury Attorney Get Paid?

If you’ve been injured and you are considering hiring an attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be wondering how you will pay them for their time and effort. You know that you’ll need an attorney’s help to seek rightful compensation, but what if you don’t have the funds to pay them up front? Given that you’ve recently been injured, chances are that you’re grappling with medical bills and the impacts of taking time away from work. If you can’t afford retainer fees right now, can you still hire an experienced personal injury attorney? The good news is that many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Embracing a contingency fee model means that your attorney will only get paid if you’re awarded compensation. The lawyers at Dozier Law work on a contingency basis when handling injury cases. We can assist you with navigating…

How Long Do Personal Injury Lawsuits Take?

When you are recovering from an accident and ready to start your lawsuit, one of the most common questions we get asked is, "how long will this take?" The answer is always, "it depends." The timeline for each personal injury case is a little different and depends on many factors. The main factors involved are the other side, the court, and yourself. This article will explain the typical timeline of a personal injury case—but remember that each case varies. Any step could go faster or slower than predicted, depending on the specific circumstances. An experienced attorney, like the attorneys at Dozier Law Firm, can review your case and give you a more case-specific timeline. To set up an appointment, call (888) 239-2129 today or contact us online. General Timeline In Georgia, as much as we wish there was a general timeline for every personal injury case, there is, unfortunately, no…

Social Media And Personal Injury Cases In Georgia

Social media is inescapable in today's society. While the number and kinds of social media platforms change every year, the effect that they can have is enormous. As these sites have grown in popularity, more people share personal information with their "friends" and "followers" than ever before. In most circumstances, sharing occasions in your life on social media sites is not a problem. However, if you are involved in a personal injury case, what you post can affect whether you win or lose. As social media has grown, prosecutors and civil attorneys search clients' or opponents' social media for useful information. The information posted there, while seemingly innocent at the time, might have a detrimental effect on the status of your case. Expert Advice And Representation In Personal Injury Cases Being involved in a personal injury case can be challenging. There are a variety of legal proceedings and expectations involved.…

Summary Judgment And Personal Injury In Georgia

The case Spires v. Thomas involves a question of summary judgment in a personal injury case. Summary judgment is a ruling in favor of one party without a full trial. To succeed on a summary judgment motion, the person bringing the motion must prove that there is no genuine dispute of fact and that they are entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Plainly stated, summary judgment is when one party asks the court to find in favor of them because it is clear that there is no evidence to support the other side’s claims in the dispute. In ruling on summary judgment claims, the court interprets the facts in a manner most favorable to the party not bringing the motion. If the party bringing the motion convinces the court that there is no genuine dispute of fact, their motion will be granted, and they will get a ruling…

Deadly Weekend For Georgia Pedestrians

A September weekend was dangerous for pedestrians in Georgia. In less than 24 hours, seven pedestrians were hit by motor vehicles in five separate incidents throughout the state. Out of the seven hit, four died from their injuries. Two killed on Sept. 14 On the evening of Sept. 14, 2018, a minivan hit a 74-year-old woman who was crossing six lanes of traffic in Athens-Clarke County. Her injuries were severe, and she died at the hospital. Police were not expecting to file charges against the driver who struck the woman. Less than a half-hour later, a hit-and-run driver struck and killed a 40-year-old woman in Cobb County. The police had little information to go on, and the driver in that accident remains at large. Three injured, two killed on Sept. 15 On Sept. 15, in Clayton County, a stolen delivery truck mowed down three pedestrians. The trio sustained moderate injuries, including broken bones,…

When to Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic event that is even more difficult when the accident causes an injury. Whether serious or relatively minor, if you sustain an injury following an auto accident, you should not underestimate the situation. Many people are not aware of the legal circumstances and their rights when it comes to an injury from a car accident. It can be important for you to have a consultation with a personal injury attorney following an accident. Here are a few tips to help you decide when to contact a lawyer who focuses on this area of the law. The severity of injuries and long-term effects The Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety reported that 19,405 people sustained serious injuries in 2015 due to a motor vehicle accident. While it can be advisable to consult with a personal injury attorney in any case in which you have suffered an…

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