Size Difference the Primary Hazard in Car vs. Truck Accident

Occupants of passenger vehicles in Georgia will always be at an increased risk when they share the roadways with big rigs. The sheer size difference increases the risk of catastrophic injuries or fatalities in any truck accident. Road safety is the shared responsibility of operators of all modes of transport, including those on two-wheels like cyclists and motorcycle riders.

Safety authorities say drivers of smaller vehicles should consider the unique challenges with which large truck operators must deal. The fact that big rigs could be up to 30 times the size of passenger vehicles makes it more challenging for a driver to maneuver large trucks and buses. Acceleration and braking are particularly dangerous because these large vehicles are slow to accelerate when going uphill and quick to gain speed when they go downhill.

The taller the vehicle, the higher its center of gravity, which increases the risk of rolling over. For this reason, motorists should show patience when they are behind large vehicles on ramps and curves. Other dangers include the severe gusts of wind generated by large vehicles, which could cause drivers of smaller vehicles to lose control. The height of big rigs poses additional risks of smaller vehicles being pulled or pushed under trucks.

A victim of a truck accident in Georgia might have to deal with the medical costs related to the treatment of serious injuries along with wage losses due to extended hospital stays and recovery. This could create havoc in the financial stability of any crash victim. If such an accident was caused by the negligence of a truck operator, the injured person could file a claim for financial relief through the civil justice system of Georgia. The support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney can be invaluable during ensuing legal proceedings.

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