Drowsy Driving Causes Car Wrecks That Kill 1,550 Each Year

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries follow drowsy driving crashes nationwide each year, including Georgia. The National Sleep Foundation reports that the most likely age group to cause drowsy driving car wrecks are drivers from 18 through 29 years old. The recommended number of sleeping hours per night is seven to nine, which makes parents with children more vulnerable.

Drivers are advised to stay engaged by chatting with passengers and selecting lively music to which they can sing along, instead of soothing tunes that could cause drowsiness. However, too much focus on conversations and music could be distracting. Some drivers listen to audiobooks to keep them alert — a great help when driving alone, and rolling down the window might also prevent drowsiness.

Traveling long distances is best done in pairs while taking turns to drive. Lone drivers are advised to pull over where it is safe to have a power nap for 15 to 20 minutes. Taking breaks at two-hour intervals or after every 100 miles is a good idea, and getting out of the vehicle, having a snack and a refreshing drink at that time can help a driver to return to driving refreshed and alert.

Dozing off for a millisecond can be enough to cause a crash. Victims of car wrecks caused by drowsy drivers are often left with severe injuries and unable to return to work for some time. Fortunately, the Georgia civil justice system allows crash victims to pursue claims for financial relief. Many people in Georgia utilize the skills of an attorney with experience in recovering financial and emotional damages for injured clients.

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