What makes commercial trucks so dangerous?

By definition, a commercial vehicle is any vehicle used for carrying people or goods for a fee. Yes, this may include tractor trailer semi-trucks, but it also includes dump trucks, tanker trucks and delivery vehicles. Each one of these vehicles is dangerous in their own way. However, the level of risk these trucks pose to other drivers may be specific to their body type and contents.

The run of the mill semi-truck, also known as a tractor-trailer, is one of the most commonly seen commercial vehicles on the highway. These trucks are mainly dangerous because of their weight, which can be upwards of 80,000 pounds. This means that even an empty semi-truck has an unfair weight advantage over the typical 3000-pound passenger vehicle. Semi-trucks are not only heavy, but they take a great deal of time to stop. They also have numerous blind spots and the potential to jackknife at their coupling.

Dump trucks are dangerous for other reasons. These carrier vehicles transport gravel, dirt and sand in an open box at the rear. If the contents of a dump truck’s box bounce out and strike a following vehicle’s windshield, it may momentarily blind the driver and cause an accident. They also have numerous blind spots which make them a hazard when traveling behind or next to them.

Delivery trucks, more commonly known as box trucks, carry freight in the large open area behind the driver. Depending on its cargo, a box truck may be extremely top-heavy and can easily tip. This risk, combined with the fact that they frequently drive in residential areas, makes them a significant threat to children.

All vehicles have the potential to cause an accident. However, the size, weight and contents of commercial trucks make them a significant threat to passenger vehicles. If you have been injured by a commercial truck, you may benefit by working with an experienced personal injuryattorney.

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