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Motorcyclist killed in Georgia by minivan driver

A motorcyclist is dead after an accident on Sept. 19 in Columbus. His Harley-Davidson was hit by a minivan driven by a Salem, Ala. woman. Both he and his wife were in the state to attend the Georgia HOG Rally. According to the coroner from Muscogee County, the man died at the Midtown Medical Center at about 10:19 a.m. An autopsy has been scheduled. The driver who hit the biker was taken into custody and charged with vehicular homicide and cited for a traffic light violation. She was released from the Muscogee County Jail after posting bond. The accident occurred on Victory Drive near the Econo Lodge when the biker, who started entering the intersection, was hit by a 64-year-old minivan driver who did not stop at a red light while making a left turn. According to witnesses, the minivan dragged the motorcyclist for around 75 feet under the van's…

Construction work zone awareness week

As spring blooms in Georgia, motorists may note an increase in the amount of highway construction. The projects are designed to improve the highways, adding lanes, improving or replacing antiquated bridges, repaving road surfaces and generally making the driving experience more safe and pleasant. But before that happens, road construction and work zones mean lane changes, detours, slower speed limits, flagmen and delays. This can irritate many motorists, tempting them to drive too fast and tailgate, as their frustration builds. They may see the signs urging them to give construction workers a "brake," and higher fines for violations in a work zone. They may assume this means workers are at greater risk to dying in a car accident in a work zone. However, they would be dead wrong. In fact, if they speed in a work zone, they may simply be dead. A recent study shows that four out of five fatalities…

What are the chances?

Cars present a multiplicity of ways to kill an occupant. When an object that weighs more than a ton can move at speeds approaching 100 mph, the physics of the situation suggest a bad outcome should any part of the system suddenly stop. Crashes can range from vehicles striking another car head on, to drivers losing control, running off the road and hitting trees or utility poles, or vehicles rolling over and ejecting drivers and passengers. With all of the potential types of car accidents, it is a wonder anyone arrives home safe each night. But, as they say on the television commercials, "Wait! There's more!" Sadly, a truly bizarre set of circumstances played out in northern Florida, when a car driving on a highway lost a front tire. The tire, still moving at full speed, bounced along the shoulder, went airborne when it hit the driveway apron of a body…

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