Street Racing Escalates Near Atlanta, Forces Barricades

As Fox 5 Atlanta reports, street racing near Atlanta isn’t a revolutionary criminal activity, but police may have found a way to stop these dangerous stunts from happening altogether.

The city’s interim chief of police has offered his support to place sand-filled barriers along intersections where street racing stunts are likely to occur. Identifying the areas in need of such barricades has yet to prove difficult. “There is no scientific method to what we are doing,” Commissioner Josh Rowan says. “Where we see the black circles [burned rubber from stunt-inspired braking] we will put down barriers.”

What’s disturbing is how even though police are actively locking up dozens of street racing drivers and impounding their “muscle” cars, new drivers seem eager to step into their place regularly, despite almost certainly knowing the legal risk over and above the risk of a car accident.

And the legal risks are undoubtedly real. Street racing in the city of Atlanta is not just illegal, it is dangerous, and police will come down on drivers hard for it. The evidence against street drivers is almost always overwhelming too, given the hundreds of bystanders who film and cheer on these events before posting them to social media. If an accident occurs, the fact there are a great many witnesses present is often significant.


The crowds gathered for street races – the witnesses – serve not only as a good reminder that witnesses can incriminate you in a legal case, but also to always use them to your advantage if you’re involved in an auto accident. When street racing accidents occur, there are sometimes multiple cameras recording, and these cameras (and even word-of-mouth) can work to your benefit if you’re ever involved in a more common crash. Dozier Law Firm, a local attorney’s office comprised of experts in these matters, explains:

“Be aware of any witnesses to the accident that may have important information,” the firm implores. “Make sure you write down their contact information and any information they may have regarding the circumstances of the accident. If they are willing to wait until a police officer arrives, make sure they speak to the officer so he can include their contact information and statements in the accident report.”

Street racing may be a serious problem near Atlanta, Georgia, but that doesn’t mean more common crashes can be neglected. As a driver in any city-like atmosphere, you need to be prepared to drive defensively and protect yourself in the wake of a car or trucking accident. One of the many ways you can do this is by speaking with witnesses and seeing if their testimony would help your case. Much like receiving medical treatment post-accident, ensuring a witness is on your side can go a long way towards helping you recoup damages lost in an auto accident.


The experts at Dozier Law Firm are well-versed in helping people affected by devastating accidents recover from losses suffered in a car or street-racing accident – especially when witnesses are present to help tell their side of the story. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle crash in Atlanta or another part of the state of Georgia, call your local team of attorneys to learn more today.

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