Lives of 2 Men Taken in Drunk Driving Accident

The number of people in Georgia who drive drunk continually increases. Even some who have faced prior recrimination do not seem to have learned their lesson on drunk driving, no matter how many people they have hurt, both emotionally and physically. Two mothers just testified for the last time after their sons were killed in a drunk driving accident nearly three years ago.

The two men were cousins and were going through an intersection only a block away from their destination, the venue where a high school reunion was taking place, when an SUV crashed into their sedan. They both died at the scene. A report stated the driver of the SUV was arguing with one of his two passengers and his speed topped out at 109 mph as he ran a red light. Both passengers were also seriously injured in the crash.

Although there were eyewitnesses and security cameras in the area that showed the collision, the driver of the SUV apologized to the families and admitted he had been reckless but would not acknowledge he had been driving drunk, only that he blacked out as he was behind the wheel. One of the witnesses said she had been stopped at the red light and he went around her to go through the intersection. For the various counts of homicide, causing injury and DUI, the judge sentenced the driver to 20 years in prison and 10 years of probation, among other restrictions. His attorney asked that he be allowed to take care of some personal business before his incarceration began, but the judge denied the request and had him taken into custody from the courtroom.

Georgia residents who have lost a family member because someone else was drinking and driving know what the mothers of these men have been going through. Many have chosen to take action by filing a wrongful death lawsuit, which may give a measure of comfort in holding the negligible party accountable. An attorney who has experience representing clients in these types of drunk driving cases will be available to those who need a consultation.

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