Identifying Abuse In Georgia Nursing Homes

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Abuse of the elderly in nursing homes is dishearteningly common. While statistics can be challenging to produce due to a lack of reporting, the National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that 10-15% of older Americans are subject to abuse at some time. The good news is that multiple agencies investigate such abuse when it is reported, and recourse is available to the abused.

Suppose you are being abused or suspect that a loved one is being abused while in the care of a Georgia Nursing home, you need to take action. This article will discuss the types and signs of elderly abuse that occur most frequently in nursing homes and the steps to take if you or someone you love is suffering from elder abuse in a Georgia nursing home. Do not hesitate to speak with the nursing home abuse lawyers at Dozier Law. Our initial consultation is free.

Types And Signs Of Abuse In Georgia Nursing Homes

Abuse in Georgia Nursing Homes appears in several common forms. Most frequently, cases involve physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. What follows is a brief overview of each type of abuse and the signs to look for if you suspect abuse. It is important to remember that if you suspect something, you should report it immediately.

Physical abuse involves the use of force that results in injury to the abused. Physical abuse includes apparent acts such as hitting, pushing, shaking, and slapping. It also includes inappropriate use of restraints, drugging the patient, and either force-feeding or withholding food as a form of punishment.

If you suspect physical abuse, the tell-tale signs include bruises, broken bones, flesh wounds, fractures, sprains, and dislocations. You should be on high alert if your loved one reports that they have been abused, suddenly changed their behavior, or if the facility attempts to restrict your access.

Sexual abuse involves any sexual contact with a person who does not consent or is incapable of giving consent. Sexual abuse does not require rape or sodomy. The definition includes any unwanted sexual touching.

If you suspect sexual abuse in a Georgia nursing home, some tell-tale signs to be alert for include a first-hand report by an elderly person, blood or bruising on or near the genitalia, and any venereal diseases that appear.

Emotional abuse involves all forms of psychological abuse that cause anguish, pain, or distress. While the range of conduct that qualifies as emotional abuse is too large to discuss here in-depth, the behavior is exactly what we imagine; bullying, threatening, harassing, isolating, chastising, or taunting the elderly person.

Suppose you suspect emotional abuse in a Georgia nursing home. In that case, the tell-tale signs include self-reporting by the abused individual, uncommonly emotional, timid, or afraid, and the sudden appearance of nervous ticks and self-soothing behaviors.

Take Action To Report Abuse In Georgia Nursing Homes

If you suspect an older adult is suffering from abuse of any kind and is in immediate danger, dial 9-1-1 and report the incident immediately. It is not your responsibility to decide if the conduct is abusive. We are all responsible for reporting suspected abuse to the authorities. If you do not believe the situation merits an emergency response, then you may call for a wellness check by contacting Adult Protective Services at 866-55AGING.

Our experienced Georgia Nursing Home Abuse lawyers are available to meet with you and your loved one for a free consultation. We can review your claim of abuse, answer all your questions, and advise a course of action to secure justice for you or your loved one.

Georgia Nursing Home Lawyers

If you or your loved one suffered nursing home abuse, call an experienced home abuse attorney to discuss your situation. It is important to remember that qualified Georgia elder abuse or nursing home abuse attorneys can meaningfully advise you about the best way to proceed. They can take on the nursing home on your behalf to help get you the compensation and justice that you deserve. The skilled Georgia nursing home abuse lawyers at Dozier Law are focused on helping mistreated nursing home residents every step of the way. We are here for you. For more information about how Dozier Law can help, call (888) 239-2129 or contact us online.

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