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Victims of another’s negligent acts often face significant financial and emotional hardships. Those injured because of a person’s carelessness frequently incur considerable medical expenses. They can lose opportunities to work as they recover, or the injury could cause permanent disability. Accidents can also take an emotional toll on victims who experience pain, suffering, or disfigurement.

Because the financial and personal costs of negligence can be great, Georgia law protects the rights of personal injury victims to obtain monetary compensation from those responsible for the adverse incidents. Individuals can receive economic damages for the burden of financial loss and non-economic damages for the intangible, emotional consequences. In cases where the careless person’s conduct was particularly severe, victims can also recover punitive damages, a financial penalty to the person responsible.

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

People who suffer an injury due to another’s negligence deserve compensation. At Dozier Law Firm, LLC, Georgia’s leading personal injury attorneys can lend their expertise to your case and help you pursue compensation for a personal injury, such as a car accident, boating accident, or dog bite.

Our respected personal injury lawyers can evaluate your case and estimate how much compensation you could receive under the law. We can compile evidence and bring in expert witnesses to support your claim. For instance, the expert testimony of a physician could help establish the costs of your medical needs.

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Economic Damages 

Personal injuries often incur financial costs directly stemming from an accident. Economic damages cover the costs directly associated with the injury.

For instance, a person injured in a car accident will likely have hospital fees. Many injuries can also have long-lasting effects, resulting in long-term medical or lifelong medical costs. Accident victims can require lifesaving surgeries. Some individuals may need reconstructive surgeries following a disfiguring injury, such as a dog bite. People can also require physical therapy months to years after being released from the hospital. These treatments can result in immense bills. Other costs linked to the accident for which victims can receive compensation include transportation costs to appointments, home health care services, and the cost of childcare when a caregiver cannot take care of children due to the accident.

Lost wages are another direct cost that can arise from injury. When a person suffers an injury due to another person’s negligence, in many cases, medical complications can cause the person to miss work. Consequently, the victim can lose the income that the victim would generate if the incident had not occurred.

Personal injury victims can also get compensation for property damage arising from an accident. For example, a victim might sustain vehicle damage. The driver that caused the accident can furnish the costs of the vehicle repairs.

From medical expenses to lost wages and property damage, the court can calculate economic damages to a reasonable degree of certainty, adding up each cost that came from the accident or future costs (lost wages) that may result.

Non-Economic Damages 

Non-economic damages can make up for the intangible costs of a personal injury. Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages can be less clear to calculate. Non-economic damages encompass the harm associated with a personal injury that does not reflect on a particular bill or expense but can nevertheless have a devastating effect on the victim. Non-economic damages cover the pain and suffering of the victim. If the victim suffers disfigurement, the injury can affect the victim negatively, but the severity of the pain and suffering might not fully reflect in the associated costs.

Punitive Damages

In some cases, a reckless person’s conduct was so egregious that the court might decide to fine the person. Rather than compensating the victim for economic or emotional costs, punitive damages penalize the person at fault. Georgia courts can award punitive damages when the responsible individual’s actions were especially careless. For instance, a person injured by a drunk driver might pursue punitive damages.

In Georgia, however, if a victim does not ask the court for punitive damages, the court can waive them. At the Dozier Law Firm, LLC, we understand how to pursue punitive damages, protecting our client’s rights.

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer 

Those injured because of another person’s carelessness should not have to bear the financial and emotional costs alone. The skilled personal injury lawyers at Dozier Law Firm, LLC, can help you navigate the legal system to pursue the compensation you deserve. Since Georgia’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims is only two years, victims should be proactive about seeking compensation. Dozier Law Firm, LLC, can work with you to protect your financial interests.

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