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Driver Unharmed in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

In Macon, there are a number of cyclists who enjoy hopping on their motorcycles for a ride. However, as many motorcyclists know, a motorcycle accident is not uncommon for those who ride. Not even following proper road safety may entirely prevent a cyclist from getting into an accident. Generally speaking, in a motorcycle accident, the person who comes away with the most injuries is the person riding the motorcycle. Even with protective gear in place and a helmet, there is still a lot of open space between the rider and any potential hazards. As such, there are many instances where an accident is highly damaging or even fatal to the motorcyclist while the driver of the vehicle leaves the scene with much less damage. For example, there is one case in Georgia in which a chief judge was recently killed in a motorcycle and car accident. The man and his wife…

Taking Your Motorcycle Out Of Storage? Consider These Safety Tips

Many motorcyclists in Georgia are starting to take their bikes out of storage to prepare for the riding reason during the coming warmer months. While this is an exciting time for motorcycle enthusiasts in the state, it’s also a dangerous time as motorcyclists are often a little dusty from months of not riding and vehicle drivers are less conditioned to watch for motorcyclists on the roadways. For that reason, now is a good time to revisit safety rules and tips for motorcycle riders. In order to help prevent being involved in a serious motorcycle accident this spring and summer, keep the following guidelines from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in mind: Dress appropriately. Because your gear is the only thing protecting you from the pavement, it’s important to invest in a good helmet and protective riding gear, including leather or thick long-sleeved shirts, pants, boots, and gloves, even when the weather is warm. Stay…

The pain remains long after the accident

Every motor vehicle accident is tragic. No one gets into a car or on a motorcycle with the intention of dying. The tragedy is multifaceted. It affects families in different ways, sometimes killing a husband or father outright, other times severely injuring a mother or child, leaving them with crippling injuries, years of rehabilitation and a lifetime of pain. More than 30,000 Americans are killed every year in motor vehicle crashes, or nearly 100 every day. Few deaths in Macon are as infamous at the one that occurred after a motorcycle accident on October 29, 1971. Duane Allman, leader and guitarist of The Allman Brothers Band had just returned from visiting New York. He was in a great mood, according to a letter sent to his young daughter, explaining the events of that day. He should have been, as the Allman's had released At Fillmore East and he had worked that year…

Some Motorcycle Accidents Could be Caused by Miscalculation

Perceiving movement and calculating the time it takes for one object to strike another object is an inherently complex operation. Those who are very good at it can become successful baseball or tennis players. But we all have to do it. Whether driving on I-75 through Macon, or on winding Georgia state roads, every time you drive a car, your brain is making unconscious calculations when you change lanes, merge or make a turn. The brain uses the data received from your eyes and the size of the object on your retina to complete part of the calculation. However, it also uses "rules of thumb" such as the artist's depth cues that function as a shortcut in figuring outdistance. For motorcycle riders, this has a consequence that drivers may perceive them a further away, resulting in a motorcycle accident when they pull out in front of them. Research has found that…

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Kills One

Motorcycle accidents can happen at any time, even to the most experienced motorcycle riders. When these incidents do occur, the occupants of the motorcycle will often suffer extensive injuries, even if they have taken all necessary safety precautions. Motorcyclists often have no way to avoid the crash, meaning they are the ones that will absorb most of the impact. After a motorcycle accident, police will often review the crash to determine who was at fault. In many cases, drivers of other vehicles nearby do not see the motorcyclist until it is too late. A recent Georgia motorcycle accident led to the death of the motorcyclist, and may result in charges for the driver of the other vehicle involved. The crash happened near the Cumberland Mall in the early evening. The motorcyclist was traveling south on Cobb Parkway, close to Paces Mill Road, where an intersection was located. When the motorcyclist got…

Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Law Results in Higher Hospital Costs

Motorcycle helmet laws have long been a source of controversy. Safety advocates have argued they save lives and lessen injuries. Groups opposed claim they inhibit their ability to hear other vehicles and argue it is their right to choose to wear a helmet. In Georgia, all motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet. In other states, helmet laws have been enacted, repealed, reenacted, and amended. Unlike many states, Georgia's helmet law has remained unchanged since 1969. Michigan repealed its helmet law in 2012, with only riders younger than 21 being required to wear a helmet. A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute has found that in the last year, hospital costs have increased by 34 percent for motorcycle accidents. According to the report, the average insurance payment on a motorcycle injury claim increased by $1,847 over claims made in the two years prior to the repeal. Since helmets…

Every Month Should be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal announced that May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. With Memorial Day weekend approaching, summer is here and more bikes will be on the roads and highways. The Governor reminded every driver to share the road and work to avoid motorcycle crashes. As every biker knows, the risks they face are much greater than a driver in a car protected by crumple zones and airbags. On a motorcycle, the crumple zones are otherwise known as your legs and arms. With more than 200,000 motorcycles registered in Georgia, and thousands of cyclists passing through the state on vacations and road trips, there are too many opportunities for unnecessary motorcycle accidents to happen. Riders need to be extra aware, as it is not just other cars and trucks that pose a risk to a motorcyclist. The story from WJBF tells of one rider who collided with a deer. He attributes…

Motorcycle Accident Leaves Two Injured

The minivan driver had also complained of neck and back pain and was taken to a hospital. The trooper also indicated that the motorcycle driver was facing charges for the incident, though he did not elaborate. Motorcycle riders are at a constant state of risk for these types of accidents. Motorcycles provide very little protection for a rider in the event of an accident and can contribute to additional injuries, should the cycle slide on to the rider. Many motorcycle accidents prove fatal to the rider, and even if he escapes with comparatively minor injuries, he may still be facing a long road to recovery. He may need multiple surgeries to repair his damaged leg and head injuries are always dangerous. Motorcycle and car crashes always pose the risk of traumatic brain injuries. Anytime you have been in an accident with injuries, you should speak with a personal injury attorney,…

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