An Older Motorcyclist is at Risk for More Serious Injuries

To complicate matters, the driver’s insurance company may take the position that the motorcyclist is responsible for the accident, when, in fact, the fault often lies with the motorist.

All about growing older

Many changes take place in your body as you age. For example, bones become more brittle and are more prone to fractures. Eyesight becomes a bit more blurry, and even with glasses, your vision will likely not be as sharp as it once was. Among the major physiological changes is a redistribution of visceral fat and a reduction in the elasticity of the chest wall. As you age, you will notice that your balance has changed and that your reaction time is slower. Changes like these may have an effect on your driving abilities, especially if you are riding a big, heavy motorcycle.

The extended hospital visit

Despite being in far fewer motorcycle wrecks than younger riders, seniors are three times more likely to sustain serious injuries, which require longer hospital stays. In addition, health care providers must account for a more extensive medical history when treating older bikers for new issues. Along with broken bones, common medical problems include head, spinal cord, and chest injuries, some of which may cause permanent disability.

Insurance compensation issues

As a responsible older motorcycle rider, you may be well insured. However, if you are involved in a crash, you might run into problems when filing a claim with the insurance company that represents the other driver. This is where legal expertise comes in. You have a right to expect a full and fair settlement or a jury award if a court action becomes necessary. Hopefully, any injuries you suffer will not cause permanent damage, and you can enjoy taking your motorcycle out on the open road again soon.

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